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Krakow Guide

Getting around

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting around Krakow on foot – it’s a compact city, so sling your heels in your handbag and you should be absolutely fine. Krakow has good public transport for when you want to make your way a little further out. If you decide to go for a taxi, they’re 30% less if you order by phone so make sure you get the number of a reputable cab driver before you go, especially since cabs can’t be hailed from the street when they’re moving.

Vistula River

If you’d like to get out of the hotel, stretch your legs, and enjoy a bit of downtime with the girls, then you’ll want to head down to the Vistula River. It’s one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe – less polluted than our own Thames. Whether you want to take a nice walk or stretch out with a picnic, there are plenty of options for you. You could head up to the Wawel Royal Gardens – up at the castle, after you’ve finished touring all the rooms and exhibits, don’t be afraid to sit down on the banks by the Vistula and indulge yourselves with a bit of people watching – or just bask by the Vistula. If you’d rather keep on the move, head down to the Wisla Boulevards. They’re a great place for a stroll (or even a picnic), there’s barges and boats around if you’d like to get a little closer, and there are numerous festivals and events held here throughout the year.


Rynek Glowny – Rynek Glowny is surrounded by some of the most famous historic buildings in Poland, like St Mary’s Basilica and St Adalbert’s Chruch, but it’s also significant in its own right, as the largest town square in Europe. A few years ago it was considered the World’s Best Square (no small feat, when there are giants like Times, Trafalgar, and Piazza Navona to contend with), and it still more than holds it’s own today as a shopping spot, with plenty of little stalls to pick up a few souvenirs and trinkets, and tons of tiny little eateries to explore.

Plac Nowy – sitting in Kazimierz, Plac Nowy is one of the busiest, most buzzing sites in Krakow. It’s never a quiet moment, with flea markets and antique bazaars at the weekends, food markets selling fresh produce, baked goods and sweets during the day, and the cafes and bars opening at night to introduce a tremendous nightlife aspect. There’s enough shopping and bargain hunting to do here to keep you busy the entire weekend.

Galeria Krakowska – if hunting through a flea market isn’t really your thing, you’ll want to take your need for retail therapy to Galeria Krakowska instead. 600,000 sq ft of retail floor space across three floors means they’ve packed in an incredible 270 shops, cafes and restaurants. There are a large number of recognisable stores like H&M, Mango, and Zara, but you’re also likely to find a huge number of Eastern European stores that you’ve never heard of, but are just as chic and fashionable.

Czy mówisz angielsku?

The locals will probably forgive you for not being fluent in Polish just yet, and a large amount of people speak English, so you should be fine. If you do feel like memorising a few phrases, however, we’ve listed a few good ones to learn – just so you don’t have to resort to miming and speaking loudly absolutely all the time.

Czy mówisz angielsku? Do you speak English?
Czy jest menu po angielsku? Is there a menu in English?
Masz coś do picia? Do you have anything to drink? 
Chodźmy do klubu! Let's go to a club.
Za drogo.
It's too expensive.
Czy jest coś tańszego? Is there anything cheaper?
Czy jest tu w pobliżu jakiś fajny bar? Is there a good bar around here?
Chciałabym kieliszek wódki. I would like a shot of vodka, please.
To samo, poproszę. Another one of these, please.
To samo, poproszę. Another one of these, please.
To samo, poproszę. Another one of these, please.
To samo, poproszę. Another one of these, please.
Jestem pijana. I'm drunk.

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