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Ibiza Guide

Ibiza is truly one of the most incredible party destinations in the whole world so make sure that you know what you’re doing and where you’re going before you leave so that there’s never a moment left spare! You’ll have an action packed weekend full of clubbing, cocktails and probably very little sleep so check out our guide to the best stuff on the island and you’ll fit right in with the party stalwarts in no time.

Get In


There’s an airport in Ibiza which is conveniently placed for getting to and from accommodation in the main party areas. You can catch flights from all over the UK to this Balearic destination with all the most well known budget airlines, meaning that it’s really simple to get in. Once you’ve landed, it’s easy to pick up a bus or taxi if you don’t mind spending a little more – or alternatively, book up transfers and transport with us so that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.


Just about everyone you’ll meet on the island of Ibiza is either from the UK or a seasoned tourism worker, so it’s certainly not essential to know any Spanish. However, learning a few common phrases is kind of fun – and might just get you a little more attention with the hunky local male population!

Hello – Hola
Thank-you – Gracias
My name is – Me llamo
Hola guapo – Hello gorgeous
Red/white wine – Vino tinto/blanco
Cerveza – Beer
It’s been 5 days since I last slept – have cinco dias dias que no duermo
Hace mucho calor – it’s very hot
Tengo Resaca – I have a hangover
Where is the toilet? – ¿De donde esta los servicios?
Hey DJ nobody wants to listen to the Cheeky Girls – Oye DJ, que nadie quiere escuchar a las Cheeky Girls
Can I have your number? – ¿Me das tu numero?
Call me – Llamamé
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? ¿Tiene Novio/novia?
Estoy revantada – I’m partied out


Whilst there’s certainly plenty to drink in Ibiza, it’s all very expensive when you want to sit down in a nice bar and consume it. We’d recommend enjoying a few drinks back at your apartment or hotel before heading out on the town – unless you fancy remortgaging your house, that is. Here are some of the best bars in town!

Babel, San Antonio

Arguably serving the best mojito on the island, be sure to head to Babel when you want to relax, chat with your best friends and watch the sun set over the bay.

Kanya, Upper Sunset Strip

This place is pretty much paradise one earth where you can order up delicious strawberry daquiris and the like and swim in their gorgeous swimming pool too.

Ibiza Rocks Diner, Playa D’en Bossa

This place is big, bold, bright and colourful and because it’s located right on the golden sands of Playa D’en Bossa, you can seamlessly hop from a day on the beach to a sex on the beach! Beautiful.    

Café Del Mar, Sunset Strip

A refreshing change from all the pumping techno beats, it’s easy to see why so many people love this gorgeous bar. Listen to soaring classical tunes over a nice glass of wine and watch the sun drop slowly into the bay. A must for classy ladies.

Free stuff

Ibiza is known for two things: being an awesome party spot and being really rather expensive. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you and your friends when the kitty’s looking a little sorry for itself.

Free wristbands

Now you’ll need a bit of gall to pull this one off but if you’re feeling confident ladies, go for it! Many clubs are willing to give out free wristbands to make their dance floors look fuller and so to attract more people in. If good party spots are looking a little empty early on in the night, try politely asking a bouncer but don’t get too offended if you’re given a firm ‘no’.


Okay, so this one sounds pretty lame but sunsets on the island are absolutely mind blowing and even the most hardened of clubbers and ravers will always count watching the sun go down as one of their holiday highlights.

Beach Bums

We’re aware that going to the beach when you’re visiting a Mediterranean coastal area isn’t exactly new but it can be easy to get carried away with the party spirit in Ibiza and forget to dip your toes in the water! Make sure to make time for a bit of sunbathing and swimming – and take it from us, the craziness doesn’t get left behind in the clubs…

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