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Gothenburg Guide

Getting around Gothenburg


Gothenburg has a fantastic tram transport system. They cover most of the city, and run up to every 8 minutes in the day, every half hour at night, and every 15 minutes at weekends.


Taxis are quite expensive in Gothenburg, so you’ll probably want to book in advance, and negotiate a fare before you get in. The city does have a problem with illegal taxis – these are cheaper, but also much more dangerous. You’ll be able to recognise them by the paint jobs and the lack of meter.

By foot

If you don’t feel like using the tram, the city centre of Gothenburg is compact, and most of the major tourist attractions are easily reachable on foot.

Things to do

Fika:  A fika is an informal pause in your day in which you and your colleagues/family/friends/date sit, drink coffee, and eat cake or pastries. If it sounds a lot like a coffee break, it is – but the Swedish take their coffee breaks seriously.

Liseberg: the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia, one of the top amusement parks in the world, and the home of Europe’s largest free-fall ride.


Slottsskogen: A big English garden with flowers, museums, a zoo and an observatory inside. Also a brilliant place for a picnic and sunbathing, if you want a little down time.


  • Gothenburg International Film Festival (February) - The largest Scandinavian film festival
  • Hammarkullekarnevalen (May) - A 3 day Caribbean themed carnival
  • Nationaldag (June 6th) - Sweden’s national day
  • Midsommar (mid-June) - One of the biggest celebrations in Sweden
  • Göteborg Music Festival (June) - Marching bands and orchestras rather than gigs and concerts, but all the way up and down the Avenyn.
  • Pier Pressure (June) - Rock concerts, for those who prefer their musical festivals with an edge
  • Nääsville Bluegrass Music Festival (July) - Open-air jazz concerts set outside a castle
  • Göteborg Dans and Teater Festival (August) - Despite the name it’s mainly theatre, and performances are held all over the city.
  • Kulturkalaset  (August) - The biggest festival around. Expect a lot of music, a lot of food, and a lot of booze.
  • Göteborgs Jazzfestival (August) - A jazz festival.
  • Kulturnatta (October) - Films and theatrical performances shown all around the city, over night.

Speaking Swedish

The majority of the people you’ll meet in Gothenburg will speak English, if not fluently, then well enough for you to get by. If, however, you do feel like learning a few key phrases to ease the way, we’ve helpfully tracked down some of the most useful for you:

  • Prater du engelska? - Do you speak English?
  • Talar någon engelska här? - Does anyone here speak English?
  • Jag är här med min vänner. - I am with my friends.
  • Jag är vegetarian. - I’m a vegetarian
  • Jag vill ha det lätt tack -mindre olja/smör/flott. - Can you make it ‘light’ please – less oil/butter/lard
  • Var finns det många barer? - Where are there a lot of bars?
  • Serverar ni alkohol? - Do you serve alcohol?
  • Kan jag få ett glas röd vin? - May I have a glass of red wine?
  • Kan jag få en flaska vitt vin? - May I have a bottle of white wine?
  • Whiskey - Whiskey
  • Vodka - Vodka
  • Rom - Rum
  • Coca Cola - Coke


Emergency: 112
Östra Sjukhuset: A large hospital about 5km northeast of the city centre (343 40 00)
Tipping: 10%

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