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Budapest Guide

In Budapest, there are more than enough activities or nightlife options going on to fill your time; in fact there's more than enough to keep you busy for your entire stay. However, it’s a shame to make a journey all the way to Budapest, and not get to see a little of the beautiful city. If you’ve got a few spare hours to fill, or would just like to do the tourist thing for a while, we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you get started.


The Central Market Hall – the oldest and largest indoor market in Budapest, and one of the largest in the UK. It’s three floors of neogothic architecture and the widest variety of Hungarian food and produce you’ll find anywhere in the country. Hens will want to make their way to the second floor, once they’ve stocked up on paprika, tokaji and caviar, where they’ll find traditional Hungarian eateries selling lunches, and plenty of souvenir stands where you can pick up something to take home – or perhaps even the bride’s something new!


A hen weekend in Budapest isn’t complete until you’ve soaked in a spa, but if you’re not ones for laying back and relaxing then you might want to stop in when a sparty is going on. If the pun-tastic name is giving you images of the Hungarians dancing whilst lasers, strobe lights, top DJ’s and absolutely banging tunes turn the spa in to the wettest, wildest nightclub around, you couldn’t be more right.


Capital Circus – the biggest and most spectacular show in Budapest, it often features international acts, and some of the most popular shows in Budapest. It’s by far the largest circus in Budapest, and you’re getting far more than a sad clown and a unicycle since it features some of the best circus acts from around the world.


By far one of the most unique parts of the Budapest nightlife – ruin pubs are abandoned buildings that people have rented out, set up a bar, and let people party in. Usually painted by local artists, they also frequently close and move depending on where’s available, so you’ll need to stumble across them (or ask a local in the know) whilst you’re out there.

Getting back to nature

Városliget – or City Park, in English. It’s a huge park in the centre of Budapest; with restaurants, zoos, gardens, circuses, amusement parks, swimming pools, castles, and several museums ... in fact, everything you might want to see in Budapest. With plenty of greenery for stretching out with a picnic and a glass of Pimms too, (or an ice rink to enjoy in winter), it’s the best place to find a little peace and quiet in bustling Budapest.


  • Buda Castle
  • Hungarian State Opera
  •  St Stephen’s Basilica
  • Parliament
  • Hungarian National Gallery

beszélsz angolul?

You’re probably not going to become fluent in Hungarian by the time you go to Budapest, we know. Still, it’s always polite to learn a few key phrases before you go – and there are some things you’re probably going to want to learn first, too.

  • Beszélsz angolul? - Do you speak English?
  • A nevem ______. - My name is _______.
  • Merre van sok bár? - Where are there a lot of bars?
  • Felszolgálnak alkoholt? - Do you serve alcohol?
  • Víz/Szóda/Tonik? - Water/Soda/Tonic?
  • Kaphatok egy pohár vörös/fehér bor? - May I have a glass of red/white wine?
  • Kaphatok egy üveg vörös/fehér bor? - May I have a bottle of red/white wine?
  • Van ez az én méretemben? - Do you have this in my size?
  • Fizethetek hitelkártáyval? - Can I pay by credit card please?
  • A sz'amlat kerek! - The bill please!
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