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Berlin Guide


TV Tower

At 207m high, the TV Tower gives a completely incredible view out over Berlin, standing tall above the rest of the city and offering a panoramic view that stretches for miles.

East Side Gallery

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, sections were painted by 105 artists from all over the world, and formed the longest open-air art gallery in the world.


Photoautomatens are black and white photo booths situated all around Berlin, and open 24 hours. If you and the girls take any selfies this weekend - and let’s face it, you probably will - make it a selfie with a story.



If you’re after a good old rummage and a bit of haggling, Mauerpark is one of the biggest markets in Berlin, and stuffed to the brim with various ethnic outfits, CDs, books, vintage accessorize, and anything else you could want from a flea market. For a few foodie stalls, Markthalle IX (that’s Market Hall Nine to English speakers) is bustling with not only locally grown and sourced produce, but also microbreweries, bakeries, and fine cheese delicatessens. There’s also a dedicated sausage and beer market there, as well as ‘street food Thursdays’.

High end

Friedrichstrasse is the most expensive, fashionable street you’ll find in Berlin, hosting the sort of huge shopping centres that are filled with equal parts Manolo Blahniks, chandeliers, and young Russian millionaires. Quartier 206 is one such mall, a Gastby-esque glittering gold palace with designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta having floor space there. If not, Galerie Lafayette is light, glassy and more French than Paris itself - it’s impossible to walk out not smelling of Chanel no5. Last but by no means least, KaDeWe is one of the most famous shopping places in Berlin. Popular with both old money, and the new young fashionistas, window shopping here is integral to any Berlin hen weekend.


Hens don’t usually feel like sitting through a history lesson on their weekend away, but in Berlin has monuments and museums dedicated to remembering the past century throughout the entire city. It’s almost impossible to miss soaking up a little of the history of Berlin just walking through the streets, but if you want to make a concentrated effort to learn a little about Berlin’s complicated past, check out:

Berlin Wall

It’s difficult not to stumble across what might be the most famous wall in Europe at some point, as remnants of it run all through the city. Head to the Berlin Wall Memorial if you want the history lesson to go with it, or just wait until you find some otherwise.

The Holocaust Memorial

A hen do isn’t the time or place to dwell on one of the greatest tragedies in human history, but if you do want to take a moment to remember, the striking Holocaust Memorial is the place to do it.

Currywurst Museum

Not all of Berlin’s history is bleak or horrifying. Explore the cities lighter side by spending a morning celebrating that most famed of German dishes, the Currywurst.


  • January - International Green Week
  • February - Berlinale, the German equivalent of Cannes
  • March - Festival, a contemporary music festival
  • May - Karneval der Kulturen, a Notting Hill inspired celebration
  • June - Christopher Street Day Parade, one of the biggest parades in Berlin Fete de la Musique
  • August - Tanz im August, an international modern dance festival Kreuzberger Festliche Tage Internationales Berliner Bierfestival
  • September - Popkomm, Europe’s largest music fair
  • October - JazzFest Berlin
  • November - Worldtronics, the largest electronic music festival in the world
  • December - German Christmas Markets New Years Eve

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  • Hold on to your Lederhosen! - Halt deine Lederhosen fest!
  • Is this seat taken? - Ist dieser Tisch frei?
  • What’s your name, baby? - Wie heisst du, Süsse?
  • Do you mind if I smoke? - Stört es dich, wenn ich rauche?
  • Have you got a light? - Hast du Feuer?
  • Are you seeing anyone? - Bist du mit jemandem zusammen?
  • I’m single. - Ich bin single.
  • Would you like to dance with me? - Möchtest du mit mir tanzen?
  • I’m not interested! - Interessiert mich nicht!
  • I’ll get the beer. - Ich besorge das Bier.
  • More beer, please! - Mehr Bier, bitte!
  • Oh God. Please, no more alcohol. - Ohje. Bitte keinen Alkohol mehr.
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