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Algarve Guide

The Portuguese Algarve coast is well known for being one of the most beautiful and not to mention sunny places in the whole of Europe to holiday. Sun yourself and top up your tan, dine on gorgeous seafood and splash about in the clear blue Mediterranean. Here’s our guide to all the best stuff!

Getting In


It’s really easy to get to The Algarve when you travel by aeroplane and because it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe, you can be sure to find a time and airport which suits you. Whether you choose to fly with a national airline or a budget option, aeroplane is far and away the ideal way to travel. You’ll travel in to Faro and then can take a bus easily to the centre of Albufeira where you’ll be based, or alternatively a taxi.


There’s so much delicious food to eat on the Algarve. The diet here is fresh, healthy, Mediterranean and packed full of flavour so you’ll certainly never go hungry whilst you visit! To be honest, one weekend just isn’t long enough...

Or just about anything and everything piri piri. This delicious spice has recently experienced a revival in the UK and for good reason - it tastes absolutely amazing. The Portuguese love to daub this spice on juice chicken and then barbeque it under the sun. Delicious.


If it’s from the sea, you’ll find it on your plate in the Algarve. There's everything from impressive and expensive shellfish and lobster to more common dishes involving salted cod.


Seafood again, but one of the most famous dishes of the region is a stew cooked with vegetables and clams which is just perfecto on a blisteringly hot day.


This is a warming and bolstering stew to try out for the seriously hungry. Comprising of sausages, beans, tomatoes, wine and herbs, it’s really, really delicious - it even comes in a wild boar variety for the gastronomically fearless to try.


Okay, so most people will be able to speak English to you in Portugal and especially on the coastline but learning a few phrases before you head off can be fun, is polite and will really help you hit it off with the locals!

  • Hello - Bom dia
  • Goodbye - Adeus
  • Yes - Sim
  • No - Nao
  • Please - Por Favor
  • Thank-you - Obrigada
  • No problem - De nada
  • My name is - Meu nome é
  • Beer - Cerveja
  • White wine - Vinh Branho
  • Red wine - Vinho tinto
  • Cheers! - Tim-tim!
  • Como? - What was that?
  • Desculpe - Sorry
  • Fixe/legal! - Cool!

Beach Bums

Now let’s be honest, you’re all here for one reason and one reason only - the fantastic beaches on the Algarve of course! You’ll probably spend 90% of your time in a bikini here, which is handy because the beaches are absolutely gorgeous. Find your perfect praia!

Praia de Albufeira

This is the main beach in Albufeira and although it can get pretty busy in the summer, it’s well worth fighting the tourists for a space. Waters are clear and crystal blue and the sand is soft and pale. You can take advantage of all the cute shops and bars on the water’s edge too, which is handy when you’re in need of a cold beer.

Praia da Gale

This idyllic and luxurious beach is situated within acres of pretty vineyards, olive groves and has become a hotbed for new villas, hotels and luxury resorts to spring up.

Fisherman’s Beach

Another top favourite in the area, this stretch of sea and sand has been recently extended in aid of preserving the surrounding area, so now there’s even more luscious sand to sunbathe on!


This beach is absolutely stunning and has a café on site which is renowned for its crispy and delicious pizzas. What more could you possibly want!?

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