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It's a well documented fact that there is something in the Swedish water that makes it one of the most sexy, stylish countries in the world just look (repeatedly, and at length) at Alexander Skarsgrd. Go on, take a look. We'll wait. Our point is, for an incredible night out, mingling with the hottest people in the coldest country, Sweden can't be beat and of all the absurdly chic and cool cities there, Gothenburg, with its cutting edge fashion, noveau cuisine, and thriving music scene, has to be one of the best. The Gothenburg hen nightlife is at once well-established and thoroughly modern ... and we can get you there.

Your guide to hen nights in Gothenburg

Making a plan

As tempting as it can be to rely on just turning up and letting the phenomenal nightlife wash over you and the girls, it's best to be a little more realistic. Unless you happen to know Gothenburg very well, (and let's face it, you probably don't), it's unlikely you're just going to happen across the biggest clubs or the best bars. After all, it is a city of over 500,000. Here at Gohen, we'd also highly advocate planning a few evening entertainment options in advance too, otherwise, you're in danger of turning the Gothenburg hen night in to just another night out (albeit one in an absolutely incredible location). In any case, a few early evening or post-dinner activities are the perfect way to get all the girls bonding and spending time together, as well as setting the mood for the night ahead. Three of our favourite options are:

Thank you for the music (Gothenburg bars, pubs and clubs)

You and your group are in for a night to remember in the lively Gothenburg hen nightlife. From back street gems to the wild and popular nightclubs there's something to suit everyone, and there are some great areas to explore. Fashionable Gothenburg offers a niche nightlife scene, with smaller and intimate crowds in the bars and pubs you'll find the artsy bohemian crowd around Vasagartan, Magasinsgatan, Linnégatan or Andra Lnggatan. For the bigger clubs, though, we'd recommend heading to Avenyn. By day it's the main shopping boulevard, teaming with great shops and designer stores… and after sunset it comes alive with great bars and clubs, plus teams of partygoers! Open until the early hours of the morning, there are multi-story clubs, BBQ bars, and trendy cocktail venues, all open till 4am or later. Alcohol can only be bought in a few very strictly regulated stores, so if you're looking for a cheeky glass of Absolut to toast the bride-to-be, you'll need to head out. If you're looking for some guidance to get you in to the very best that Gothenburg has to offer, ask about our guest list nightclub entry! The music scene in Sweden is incredible Avicii, Basshunter, and Swedish House Mafia are just a few world-class musicians from here, and so you're not going to want to miss a minute of it. You'll be able to skip the queues and on the door fees, sail straight through, and show Sweden exactly who the Dancing Queens are.

Gothenburg grub

Swedish cuisine isn't exactly famed the world over like French or Italian is, but everyone from a country with an IKEA can tell you two things about Swedish food meatballs and lingonberries. Whilst both of those are actually fairly prominent ingredients in Swedish cooking, Gothenburg has a much wider culinary palette to offer than you might originally think, and has got plenty of Michelin stars and accolades to its name. If you're thinking of trying some authentic Gothenberg grub, then (besides the lingonberries and meatballs), you'll want to check out the fish dishes. As a harbour, seafood makes up a major part of the diet. Pickled herring (sill) is a favourite for the adventurous eaters, or smoked salmon (varmrokt lax) might be to a few more peoples' tastes. Local fish include perch, pike, crab and crayfish, so if you see any of these on the menu, you can be sure they're fresh and delicious. If you're having a little difficult finding a Swedish restaurant to cater to all the girls tastes or you want to avoid the ‘kttbullar and lingonsylt' completely, ask GoHen for our restaurant recommendations and we'll be able to find somewhere that suits you all perfectly.