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Wedding Makeup Guide… GoHen Talk to the Experts

February 9, 2018

Should you follow the trends or go your own way? We recently caught up with four of the wedding industry’s top makeup artists to find out why picking the most popular style isn’t always the best idea and how you can create your own bridal look.

Meet the experts…

How many weddings do you attend a year?

Ruth Elizabeth – Around 50. That number increases every year.

Amazing Face – 50+.

Natasha Wiggins – Around 150, but my company does over 400 weddings as I have freelance artists that work for me.

Sally Orchard – Around 60.

© Ruth Elizabeth Makeup Artist

What’s hot for this year’s brides?

Ruth Elizabeth – Moving into 2018, ‘romantic’ makeup is seeing a comeback. Rose/pink/mauve on the eyes, is a popular choice for brides getting married this year. There are so many variations to this kind of eye makeup, adding a little depth to the eye with charcoals or kohl pencil can instantly take it to the next level or add extra dimension.

Amazing Face – The no-makeup, makeup look is still with us but the difference this year is the POP of jewel-style colours somewhere, either on the lips, cheeks or eyes… Think rose gold with a pop of emerald and deep pink lips. Eyes are cat-like with a fine sprinkle of shimmer but very faint, just a dusting really.

Natasha Wiggins – Down and wavy hairstyles seem to be in-vogue.

Sally Orchard – Rose gold is still huge as well as blush pinks. 

© Amazing Face Bridal Hair & Makeup

What’s not? Is there anything brides should avoid?

Ruth Elizabeth – At a bridal trial, I always advise my clients not to steer too far away from what they would wear on a daily basis, or for a special occasion. If you are a natural makeup kind of girl, you’re not going to feel comfortable with a full on, glamorous makeup look for your wedding day. You want to look andfeel like you on your wedding day. The most beautiful, best version of you.

Amazing Face – Any glitter unless it’s an evening wedding, too much highlighter and way too obvious contouring colour, it looks muddy and robotic.

Sally Orchard – Too heavy makeup. It may look good on Instagram, but in real life daylight it won’t be flattering.

© Blossom Tree Cake Company

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What’s the most common mistake you hear about brides making with their wedding makeup choices?

Ruth Elizabeth – Opting for a trend makeup: ‘Instaglam’ or fashion makeup is currently very popular, and on camera it can look very striking and appealing, but in real life it can look very harsh and unflattering. Bridal makeup needs to be balanced, to look good both face to face and on camera.

Amazing Face – Brides the world over can make many mistakes with their make-up, such as eyebrow waxing the day before, trying out false lashes for the first time, applying blusher incorrectly, too much shimmer or highlighter, trying out new products on the day, or not having a trial with a professional.

Natasha Wiggins – Some brides want their makeup a little too heavy which doesn’t always work well with the traditional white or ivory dress.

Sally Orchard – Choosing a look on Pinterest where the model is highly edited with flash used. This is not real. Choosing a very modern look that doesn’t suit the dress or look of the wedding. Oh, and over highlighting, so the face can look very shiny on camera.

© Natasha Wiggins

What are your top tips to finding the right makeup artists?

Ruth Elizabeth – If I am looking for a professional, for anything, I always ask friends and family for recommendations. Word of mouth is the best way at getting an honest view of someone and their business/work ethics. Experience counts for so much in the makeup Industry now. How long the artist has worked in his/her chosen field will be a reflection of how well they know their craft and in turn the level of service you should expect.

Amazing Face – Read testimonials and reviews of those you like thoroughly, look for years of experience and reliability. Choose someone whose work you have looked at in depth. Instagram is a great place to start as you can see their work unfold as their year progresses. Meet up and get to know them and then have your trial. Book them if you like them straight away as anyone good gets booked sometimes years in advance.

Natasha Wiggins – If you like the work on their website, go with them! If the style is not heavy enough or too heavy in their pictures and doesn’t speak to you, then it’s probably safe to say that they don’t suit you. Also, look at what products they use and make sure they are known brands. Most importantly, make sure they understand your specific needs!

Sally Orchard – Check out their photos, preferably the real brides and not photo shoots, as this is the real test. It’s worth paying that bit extra to have someone professional. There are lots of cheaper makeup artists out there, but they may not be experienced, use the right products or be very reliable. Get recommendations from other wedding suppliers, as they work in the industry and will know who is good.

© Ruth Elizabeth Makeup Artist

Speaking of which, you must have been around lots of weddings, what is the best wedding day advice for brides?

Ruth Elizabeth – Enjoy your day! You will have spent months, possibly years planning this big day, now is the time to let the professionals do their job while you sit back and enjoy every moment! Don’t worry about little things not going to plan. Everyone rallies together on your big day, and if that means the MUA helping you get into your dress, or the hairdresser having to help your mum get into hers, that’s what helps make a wedding morning all the more memorable!

Amazing Face – My best advice would be to make time on your wedding day to take five minutes with your other half to walk away from the madness and chat to each other about how it’s all going. Tell each other how much you love each other, it’s something you will always remember!

Natasha Wiggins – On the wedding day make sure you stay calm and relaxed. All the suppliers will do their best for you and make sure your wedding day is perfect.

Sally Orchard – Enjoy your day. Lots of brides get stressed, as they want everything to be perfect, but then they forget to savor it and enjoy themselves. Trust in your wedding suppliers, they know what they are doing.

© Amazing Face Bridal Hair & Makeup

What should every bridesmaid have in her handbag on the day?

Ruth Elizabeth – That depends on how big the handbag is! I always say have the following: lipstick, face blotting papers or a powder puff (helps to keep face shine at bay), mints, compact mirror, tissues (lots of them), a small, hair spray, if you have false lashes on, keep a little lash glue to hand. Just in case.

Amazing Face – Bridesmaids should carry lipstick, blotters, safety pins, powder, mints, tissues, cotton buds etc. in their bag, we do actually give all our brides a mini bridal emergency kit containing all of these and more.

Natasha Wiggins – They shouldn’t really need any makeup as this is designed to last all day. But a plain gloss or lipstick is always helpful and some tissues… You’ll probably need them!

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Sally Orchard – A translucent compact powder and lipstick or gloss for touchups. Also, tissues come in handy.

© Orchard Makeup

Any tips for bridesmaid makeup?

Ruth Elizabeth – If the bride offers for you to have your makeup done professionally, go for it! I always think it’s great for the entire bridal party to have their makeup done professionally, so everyone looks uniform in photos.

Amazing Face – Keep it natural and fresh, you aren’t clubbing!

Natasha Wiggins – Make sure that you show your makeup artist the bridesmaids dresses as this can change what style of makeup works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Sally Orchard – Keep it fairly similar to the bride but slightly different. If more than one, try and have a similar look. If one has more makeup on than the other they will stand out more on the photos.

© Natasha Wiggins

What’s the best/most original idea you’ve ever seen at a wedding?

Ruth Elizabeth – The one wedding that stands out the most to me was a lovely bride who contacted me with an unusual request, for peacock inspired makeup for her wedding day. We went all out and created a masquerade type, peacock bridal makeup style. All complete with glitter and false lashes. She had feathers in her hair and a beautiful wedding dress that complemented the whole look and theme perfectly. She married at Twycross Zoo,and her day was perfect. Your wedding day has no limits, the possibilities are endless!

Amazing Face – If you’re talking decorations, a big favourite of mine is the huge 4ft balloons with colours inside… We had a bride get her gift delivered outside her room window by one, it was fabulous.

Sally Orchard – I love seeing what the groom has bought for the bride. Some of the gifts are very special, especially the handmade gifts. One bride received a family tree that was beautifully hand drawn. He even made the frame!

© Ruth Elizabeth Makeup Artist

Spending all day looking and talking about weddings sounds like a dream, so what’s the best part about your job?

Ruth Elizabeth – I feel very fortunate to be in a job where I meet so many, truly amazing people and families. From the minute I meet a bride to be, to the moment I make her up for her big day, it’s so exciting to be apart of her wedding journey. Where else are you invited to be part of something so special? To see photos of the dress, before anyone else. To help create a makeup look to make the bride look and feel her most beautiful. To spend the all-important wedding morning with the bride-to-be, her family and closest friends.To be part of all that is truly special.

Amazing Face – The best part of being a bridal specialist is the ability to enhance clients’ beauty naturally, giving them their confidence back and the moment when I’ve finished the bride’s make up and she takes a first look, flirts a little with herself in the mirror and beams! That’s worth its weight in gold.

Natasha Wiggins – I love my job as I get to help a bride and her bridal party create their dream look for their big day. I’m also there to keep them calm. It is amazing when you see their faces after you’ve created their dream look.

Sally Orchard – I love seeing the brides face as I show her the final look. They have thought about this day for so long and its finally here and you get to share it with them. It’s such a huge thing to be part of this. I still get emotional on some weddings.

© Orchard Makeup

Any final parting words of bridal wisdom?

Ruth Elizabeth – A bride once told me that she and her husband made a point of taking 10 minutes out on their wedding day (several times during the day and evening) to just ‘check in’ with each other. To observe their special day, together, from a distance. To ensure they had those intimate moments together made it even more special to them.

Amazing Face – On the day get the groom’s gift/messages over with early, that way most of the tears are out of the way, your eyes will have calmed down and you don’t have to worry about ruining your make up! Have a wonderful day.

Natasha Wiggins – The best advice I can give brides is to go with a hair and makeup look that makes them feel like themselves and gives them confidence. You should be a better, natural, glowing version of yourself, after all you want the groom to recognize you!

Sally Orchard – Enjoy every minute as it will go so fast.

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