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The UK’s Best Wedding Bloggers

July 31, 2014

While we love creating the very finest pre-wedding parties at GoHen whether it be a big night out in Brighton or our Hen Party on the Orient Express we also love taking the time to look around the wedding industry in search of excellence.

And perhaps the cream of the crop for us are wedding blogs.

They are the arbiters of wedding taste and style that we all want to emulate. There are hundreds of wedding blogs out there, focusing on the good, the bad and the “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE!”. Covering every aspect of your wedding their pages overflow with taste, style and everything you need to create a wedding mood board to design your own perfect day.

We have recognised 25 of the best and most influential wedding bloggers in the UK to suit every style and taste. So, in no particular order we give you the very best UK wedding blogs & bloggers.

Georgia Tolley – Before the Big Day

georgia tolley
Georgia is a journalist and self confessed “mild wedding obsessive”. Her incredible blog has been recognised with a number of huge accolades and led appearances on the BBC Newshour programme and at numerous wedding fairs.
Jaw dropping images are an everyday occurrence but we also love Georgia for her fantastic money saving hints (“sample sales” we didn’t even know such things existed!).
Before the Baby is her latest project and another great read with top tips for future mums.

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before the big day

Louise Baltruschat – Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

louise baltruschat
“What you see is what you get and it doesn’t fit into any box…” is the ethos that steers Whimsical Wonderland Weddings which is the passion of Louise Baltruschat. Louise covers every type of wedding, Vintage, Alternative, Rustic, Outdoor, Classic and DIY to cater for all. Or if you’re undecided on your style of wedding you’ll find dozens of great weddings to give you inspiration along with excellent planning tips.
WWW also features “Bride Diaries” so readers can contribute to the blog with their own stories and advice.

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whimsical wonderland weddings

Kelly Hood – Boho Weddings

kelly hood
It’s safe to say Kelly Hood is a complete wedding expert, not only does she run the incredibly successful and widely recognised Boho Weddings blog (with a bagful of awards) but she is also a full time wedding planner (no, we’re not sure how she manages both so well either!). If that wasn’t enough she has also written for top wedding and style magazines including Wedding Ideas Mag and Glamour.
What Kelly doesn’t know about weddings could be written on the back of a piece of confetti and her “A-Z of Everything” is a really neat feature. “H” is for Hen Party…

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boho weddings

Annabel Beeforth – Love My Dress

annabel beeforth
If you’re all about wedding dresses then Love My Dress is the blog for you. Founded by Annabel Beeforth in 2009 while covering all aspects of the wedding, Love My Dress allows you to search articles and real life weddings by colour, era, designer or style. If you want a valid excuse for being late for work we think looking at the images on this blog should be a totally justified reason.
Her book Style Me Vintage Weddings should also feature on any bride-to-be’s mantel.

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love my dress

Charlotte O’Shea – Rock My Wedding

charlotte oshea
Charlotte O’Shea is the creator of one of the biggest and most recognised wedding blogs, Rock My Wedding (which now has a full time team to help keep the show on the road). Bridal collections, DIY wedding tips, expert advice, you can even sell (and more importantly buy) wedding dresses on RMW with Charlotte’s clear love of fashion running through every page and article. Charlotte has even added wedding design advice for grooms however we’re quite happy staring at RMW’s for hours.

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rock my wedding

Emily Pettiford and Jessica Turley – Bespoke Bride

emily pettiford
Emily & Jessica started a blog in 2011 because of a joint love of weddings and wedding imagery paying homage classic vintage to gorgeous goths and all stops in between. Their blog gives advice from industry experts and allows brides to get their own weddings featured as well as researching the very latest in wedding trends and suppliers of bespoke wedding services. They even have some free downloads to help DIY brides get their big day started.
We love their work and long may they reign.

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bespoke bride

Kat Williams – Rock n Roll Bride

kat williams
There are very few “rock stars” within the wedding industry so please step forward Kat Williams, a real A-lister among wedding professionals and is now recognised by many as bringing the rock n roll to weddings. No more hiding tattoos or trying to fit in with other’s expectations, Kat’s avant guard wedding blog rocked the wedding industry and lead the way for many bloggers with sexy, edgy and exciting images and real advice for brides-to-be looking for something that is different.
Rock n Roll Bride means every bride no matter how alternative or rustic her wedding plans can finally able to find an image and say “That’s it! That’s what I want.”

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rock n roll bride

Claire Gould – English Wedding Blog

claire gould
Part-time wedding calligrapher Claire Gould scours England (and Wales and Scotland) to find the most stylish weddings to feature in her blog. No matter where a couple might be living the English Wedding Blog shows there are amazing venues across the country and you don’t need a crazy budget to create wonderful wedding ideas.
Brides can also submit their own wedding photos and stories to be included which gives the blog a real sense of it being a community effort.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

the english wedding blog

Charley Beard – London-Bride

charley beard
Having become a wedding planner Charley Beard was left less than impressed when she found too many wedding suppliers happy to churn out mass market weddings devoid of personality. Her passion for creating unique and bespoke weddings lead to the founding of London-Bride which brings fresh alternatives and ideas to the capitals brides-to-be.

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london bride

Laura and Kelly – Festival Brides

laura and kelly
Mixing weddings and festivals… What’s not to love? Two of our favourite things being joined together in one fantastic blog. Every topic is covered and every angle for music loving brides who want to bring a little of the summer-fest vibe into their special day. We not only love their blog but we want to be their new best friends so we can attend as many festivals as they do (how do they get all those tickets?).
A great blog with a completely different take on weddings.

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festival brides

Louise Beukes – B.Loved Weddings

louise beukes
B.Loved weddings was brought to life by wedding stylist Louise Beukes and has been recognised by a number of top wedding retailers and magazines. B.loved’s wedding blog features a plethora of wedding party posts to find all manner of fantastic details to make your perfect day.
As you might expect the site is very much design lead and is certainly no worse off for it. Yet another blog to make us girls drool.

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b loved

Sonia Collett – Want That Wedding

sonia collett
Sonia Collett at Want That Wedding is inspired by all things vintage, regular GoHen readers will know that “vintage” is the magic word for our team so we can send hours looking at the images featured in her blog. With an eye for anything quirky or kooky you’ll find, boho, vintage, barn, country, city, carnival and all styles of weddings featured in the “real weddings” section which really offers some amazing inspiration to create the perfect setting to say “I do”.

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want that wedding

Sarah Christopher – Juno & Joy

sarah christopher
Juno & Joy came about when Sarah Christopher felt a need to spread her artistic wings in a different direction after working on another wedding blog. She has since built a “Collective” of wedding experts and pros to help give brides real advice from a team who have covered hundreds of weddings between them.
You’ll also find a fantastic flower guide to learn a little more and help you find the perfect blooms for that special day.

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juno and joy

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Lindsay Moynagh & Amy O’Neill – Fly Away Bride

lindsay moynagh
With the two bloggers themselves, Lindsay Moynagh & Amy O’Neill, being based in Dublin this doesn’t really fit our brief of UK wedding blogs however seeing as this is a destination wedding blog where can it call home? Featuring the best wedding destinations around the globe this should be the first stop any couple make if they are looking for the perfect location. Honest, understated opinion with fantastic visuals makes Fly Away Bride the best destination wedding blog out there.

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fly away bride

Alison Tinlin – Plans and Presents

alison tinlin
It’s always good to find a wise head in a time of crisis and if you’re planning a wedding then it does at times feel just that way. Thankfully Alison Tinlin offers a wise head indeed, she has been a judge on a number of national wedding awards as well as having written pieces for Wedding Ideas Mag and other publications. Her blog offers a really eclectic mix of weddings which is perfect for finding random inspiration when you’re just not sure what it is you’re looking for.

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plans and presents

Hannah & Fleur De Force – Bride De Force

hannah and fleur
Hannah & Fleur are more at home on YouTube where they are regular “YouTubers”, their videos are seen by millions, they have gone from vlogging to blogging with a fantastically vibrant and informative blog. We love the “Fun Ideas” they find but also if you’re looking for a really good wedding read their designer interviews are fab. Between them they seem to have covered just about every topic and while their blogging schedule isn’t prolific as some they are still regularly posting on YouTube.

Website | Twitter

bride de force

Sara Russell – Wedding Sparrow

sara russell
What started out as a one woman blog has turned into a thriving multi award winning wedding scene. Sara Russell was initially inspired to write a blog to feature fine art wedding photography since then her initial wedding blog has grown to include rich with DIY wedding tips, inspiration, real weddings and incredibly sumptuous photography. It’s also one of the few wedding blogs to feature wedding engagement photos (something else we learnt about through wedding blogs, from now on a “selfie” just won’t do!).

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wedding sparrow

The Wedding Girl – The Wedding Girl’s SOS

Now we have to admit we’re not entirely sure who “The Wedding Girl” is however we are massive fans, her images are absolutely fantastic with plenty for any bride to add to her wish list. She also interviews industry experts on all sorts of subjects (How about an interview on hen party planning Wedding Girl? We know some experts that could help).
Wedding Girl has also created a great wedding planning guide and spreadsheet.

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the wedding girls sos

Pheobe Miller – So You’re Getting Married

phoebe miller
Pheobe Miller is the creative mastermind behind So You’re Getting Married which offers a fabulously rich vein of info and is beautifully put together. We particularly like the arrangements of weddings by budget which is a really handy way of seeing how far you can stretch the pennies as well as picking up some great tips and inspiration. You will leave this website with so many ideas and serious amounts of wedding envy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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so youre getting married

Mr Pickles – Love Scarlett

mr pickles
We have to confess we’re not entirely sure who is in charge at Love Scarlett, we’re guessing it’s not Mr Pickles although he does have his own column which is one of the many reasons we really do Love Scarlett. This London based wedding blog oozes charm and style and is perfectly kooky in the warmest way. The “Him & Her” stories are really worth a read, it’s like being cuddled up with a great magazine.


love scarlett

Rachael Urquhart – Marry Me Ink

rachael urquhart
Marry Me Ink founded by art loving Rachael Urquart is dedicated to “the world of non-generic weddings”. With one foot in vintage heels and the other decadently dripping in burlesque MMI walks through a multicoloured world celebrating tattooed brides and those not looking for conventional “fluffy” weddings. If you like fine photos then this blog really does offer something a little different.

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marry me ink

Clare White – Whiter Than White

clare white
Whiter Than White is a blog that happily crosses borders in pursuit of wedding inspiration. Featuring weddings from Hong Kong, Holland, Spain, Canada as well as every corner of the UK. Clare White gives a tantalising glimpse into how things are done in far off climbs with ideas you might be able to incorporate into your own big day. The blog celebrates vintage and also tends towards a boho vibe at times. This is an elegant blog for brides of all budgets.

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whiter than white

Adore Weddings

Despite our best attempts we haven’t been able to find out anything on the fabulous fingertips that have created Adore Weddings. Covering weddings of every style and taste users are invited to “submit something pretty” which adds to the eclectic mix of wedding elegance in the style diary which really does offer something for every taste. The blog isn’t heavy on the word count but focuses on providing ideas and inspiration.

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adore weddings

Michelle Lyndon-Dykes – A Curious Wedding

michelle lyndon dykes
Having managed to save half (!?!) the cost of her own wedding Michelle L-D was inspired to create a blog to help others save on budget but not compromise on style. A Curious Wedding comes chock full of tips, advice and brilliant articles which are all awash with Michelle’s dry sense of humour which we love. She has also created one of the few blogs to mention Steampunk which is fabulous for eco warrior and up-cycling brides.

Website | Pinterest

a very curious wedding


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