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The Best UK Wedding Wines

July 11, 2014

The UK is rapidly becoming renowned as producers of exquisite still ad sparkling with many British wineries picking up prestigious and world recognised awards.

At GoHen we’re staunch believers in finding the best local wedding suppliers and being partial to the odd drop of fizz ourselves we’ve scoured the UK best wedding wines.

Buying local wine can make for a great talking point at your wedding and show your guests the detail that has gone into the day you want them to share with you. Plus you’ll get a day out at a vineyard doing “essential research” to boot! And get award winning wines delivered direct to your venue.

Sparkling Wine Another Great British Invention

There’s nothing quite like that familiar yet tantalising fizz as the first glass is poured but did you know that sparkling wine (EU law means only wines grown in the French region of Champagne can claim that title) was actually invented in England by Charles Merret in 1662 presented a paper to the royal society outlining how ‘our wine-coopers of recent times add vast quantities of sugar and molasses to wines to make them drink brisk and sparkling’ (some 20 years before Jean E Come Lately went “pop” across the Channel), which makes bubbly a truly British beverage.

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Understanding Corkage Fees

Most wedding venues and restaurants charge a corkage fee, essentially this is to make up for lost revenue on the wine you won’t be buying from them and to pay for the cost of the wines being opened and poured by their staff. Some people take umbrage at having to pay for bringing in their own wine however if you’re canny you can still come out the winner with wine that is locally produced and of a far higher quality than the house plonk.

Always check with your venue or wedding planner for exact corkage fees before making any decisions as this might make a difference to your reception budget calculations.

South East Wines

wine from the south east

South West Wines

wine from the south west

East Anglia Wines

wine from the east anglia

North & Midlands Wines

wine from the north and midlands

Welsh Wines

wine from wales

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