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Top Tips for Lovely Legs

June 19, 2014
Top Tips for shaving legs

Whether we’re getting ready to throw on the bikini during a weekend away or looking for perfectly smooth legs to show off on a night out, we all want that floorless finish to show off our tans.

King of Shaves (and Queen of Shaves) are certainly our ‘go to’ experts when we need a few tips so we’ve asked them for advice to keep skin smooth, hydrated and ready for the big hen weekend or the wedding day itself.

Silky Smooth Legs Are Just a Few Tips Away…!

Ladies, for beautifully smooth skin, please take a moment to read our shaving tips.

1. Try shaving in the evening:

Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis thus reducing your skin’s defences. If you shave in the morning you are more likely to expose weakened skin to external elements and your shaved skin will feel uncomfortable – so try shaving in the evening instead.

2. Shave in the bath or shower:

Warm, wetted hair is three times easier to shave than dry hair. So for best results shave during a bath or shower and ensure you thoroughly wet your hair with warm water for at least three minutes. We also recommend you exfoliate your skin before shaving as this helps prevent in-growing hairs (caused when a hair curls back under the skin).

Leg shaving gel3. Use a quality shave gel or oil:

Apply a moisture rich shaving gel or shaving oil to the areas to be shaved and then thoroughly massage it in to your skin. If you just use soap or water it can result in your skin becoming dry and irritated.

4. Shaving the legs and bikini area:

To get the closest possible shave, start at your ankles and shave upwards. From the bottom of your ankle, gently glide the blades up the leg in one smooth stroke. Take extra care when shaving areas where bone is close to the skin surface, such as ankles and knees.

To avoid nicks and cuts that often occur behind the ankle, flex your heel to stretch the skin whilst you shave. Around the sensitive bikini area follow the direction of the hairs’ growth to help prevent irritation. Remember when shaving don’t press too hard, let the blades do the work!

5. Shaving under the arms:

Underarm hair grows in different directions and so you will need to shave up, down and across the area.

To help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs pull the skin tight with one hand, while you shave with the other. You should re-apply your shaving gel regularly as you shave in different directions.

6. After shaving:

Thoroughly rinse off any remaining shave preparation from your skin. Try not to apply or expose skin to anything irritating after shaving – ideally wait an hour to allow time for your skin’s pores to close before applying deodorant, perfume, going swimming in salty sea water etc.

We do recommend you apply a non- or lightly-perfumed moisturiser to help lock in moisture and to soothe and revitalise your skin.

We’d also heartily recommend Queen of Shaves Ta Da! Pina Colada Twist Shaving Gel.

Please note; mixing shaving your legs and enjoying actual Pina Coladas is probably bad for your legs.

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