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The Top 50 UK Wedding Instagram Accounts

February 8, 2018
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Wedding Cakes

Wish Upon a Cupcake | @wishuponacupcake_

Whether your dream wedding cake is a sleek, classic set of tiers adorned with intricately detailed sugar petals or an in-vogue tower with a mesmerising geometric pattern, Wish Upon a Cupcake have a design to inspire you. They rather handily gather their favourites on Instagram, so give them a follow and (fair warning) prepare to feel suddenly hungry. We did.

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wish upon a cupcake

The Designer Cake Co. | @designercakeco

Sugar jewellery so good that it’d fit right into your collection of, you know, actual jewellery. Isabelle Bambridge’s Instagram is the stuff of your sponge-induced fantasies, fabulously creative baking that looks at home at some of the UK’s most luxurious wedding venues. Oh, and there’s cake popsicles (that’s a thing!).

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the designer cake co

The Confetti Cakery | @theconfetticakery

The immense sugar work and frosting effects that go into The Confetti Cakery’s best work has to be seen to be believed. Luckily seeing it should never be a problem again thanks to their wonderful Instagram grid. These are forward-thinking bakes for modern brides not afraid to go their own way in order to create something truly beautiful. It’s wedding cake, just not as we know it.

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the confetti cakery

Poppy Pickering | @poppypickeringcakes

Creating amazing cakes is one thing, capturing gorgeous photos of them is another, but luckily for us, the team at Poppy Pickering have it all. Their sponge tiers blossom with flowering sugar petals and detailed icing patterns while the little touches like the bronzed macarons add a touch of character not always seen on your average wedding cake. Rest assured, Poppy Pickering’s designs are far from average.

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poppy pickering

The Frostery | @thefrostery

There’s cake, and then there’s cake that looks like this. Suzanne, leading lady behind The Frostery (as featured on Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers) is one of the most talented wedding bakers in the UK. You need only take a quick peek at her Instagram to see just how creative she can get. Her sugar flowers could happily look the part in your garden, her sugar modelling is immaculate and her more alternative designs are just out of this world.

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the frostery

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