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The Top 50 UK Wedding Instagram Accounts

February 8, 2018
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Paradox London Pink

If you thought picking your perfect dress was hard then just WAIT until you have to find your shoes. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore as UK Wedding Awards-listed Paradox London Pink have it covered. Their Instagram is laden with their beautiful bridal shoes whether your style is subtle and understated or glamorously diamond encrusted. Yep. It’s that special kind of stunning.

pink paradox

Rock the Frock Bridal | @rockthefrockbridal

These are wedding dresses, just not as you know them! As one of the UK’s leading alternative bridal boutiques, Rock the Frock have a totally awe-inspiring Instagram with a fabulous blend of chic photography and behind-the-scenes snaps from their uber-cool studios. It goes without saying that the star of the show is their beautiful, ethical dresses that draw on classic styles with thoroughly modern twists.

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rock the frock bridal

Wedding Makeup Artists

Lucy Can’t Dance | @lucy_cant_dance

If you’re out there, searching for wedding dresses, wishing that there was something, anything other than the ‘classic’ styles (#yawn) then Lucy Can’t Dance’s Instagram is here to show you that there’s a whole word of bridal fashion you’re missing out on. Showcasing their beautiful handmade bridal wear, Lucy Can’t Dance’s profile is all kinds of pretty with it’s fair share of wedding inspiration to boot.

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lucy cant dance

L.O.M. Fashion | @L.O.M_Fashion

Yes, we’re steadily upgrading the crazy. Yes, we are in love. Yes, you should treat your feed to a burst of colour from the gang at L.O.M. Fashion. This fabulous company creates totally ‘out there’ items of clothing perfect for a festival themed wedding and their Insta profile is a handy way of checking out their best bits in one vibrant place.

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lom fashion

Folly Boutique | @thefollyboutique

So, the dress is sorted, the shoes fit, and your bouquet aim is on-point. All that’s left to do is add some of the Folly Boutique’s stunning jewellery pieces. Their Instagram grid is the perfect place to treat your eyes to a sample of their glitz and glamour whether you’re searching for an understated necklace or a luxurious pair of earrings.

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folly boutique

Flossy and Dossy | @flossyanddossy

This is what romance looks like in wedding dress form. Flossy and Dossy’s Instagram is a highlight reel of their finest work, whether it’s their beautifully simplistic designs, or the F&D team at their best, creating dresses that take in stunning lacework, amazing patterns and an ethos that every dress should be as unique and original as you are. Follow, follow, follow.

You can also find them on their…

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

flossy and dossy

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