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Top 5 fancy dress weddings and the 5 best unusual hen party ideas!

March 7, 2013

We’re not for one minute suggesting that you ditch the gorgeous white dress that’s currently hanging in your wardrobe, but perhaps it’s time to consider adding a bit of colour to your nuptials in the form of a fancy dress theme? It’s a big step, we’ll agree, and it isn’t for everyone, but if you are thinking of going Shrek-style then make sure you have a thorough conversation with your other half to check you’re both on board. After all, you don’t want to turn up full Fiona style, complete with red wig, for him to turn up in a dashing tux having assumed you were joking (or deranged).

1. Hans Solo and Princess Leia


Back in 2009, on May 4th, Duncan Thomson and Sammi Gardener went all out Star Wars, including her ring being engraved with “May the 4th be with you”. Guests dressed up to, and the wedding included 50 Jedis and Sith Lords, with Chewbacca as the best man and Darth Vader making a speech.

2. Batman and Wonderwoman


Another unusual one, Neil Vaughn found his Wonder Woman in new bride Sharon- and his best man in Robin. They got married in Devon and instructed all guests to dress as superheros, leading to a collection of Superman, the Incredibles, Iron Man and Captain America sitting either side of the aisle.

3.  Shrek and Fiona


For a proper fairytale ending this couple decided to tie-the-knot as Shrek and Princess Fiona! Paul Bellas and Heidi Coxshall painted themselves green for the big event, with their four year old son Leo dressed as Donkey and her brother John giving her away as Muffin Man from Shrek 2.

4. Fred and Wilma Flintstone


Ed and Gayle Robinson started their rock solid marriage with an all-out Flintstones themed wedding! The happy pair dressed as Fred and Wilma from the TV series and their wedding car was a replica of the Stone Age car in the cartoons. Fireman Ed told afterwards, “it was a fun day.”

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the carribean

These scallywags held their Pirates of the Caribbean themed wedding in a former smuggling village in Devon- very fitting! They all dressed in fitting pirate and wench outfits and bride and groom Mik Ashfield and Vikki Ludlow toasted with flagons of ale!

Unusual hen party ideas

So there’s enough unusual wedding inspiration to keep you going all the way down the aisle- and if you do decide to dress up then make sure you send us some snaps! You can post them to our Twitter or Facebook, or just email them over to! Once your different wedding plans are out the way it’s time to think about the other important upcoming event- the hen party!

And if you want to add an unusual touch to that as well then we’ve got a fantastic range of unusual activities, or even dance activities to dress up for (think Burlesque, Glee or cheerleading style!) Our top 5 unusual hen ideas are as follows:

1. Life Drawing. Always a winner, life drawing is perfect for any hen parties that want to try something fun and unusual with a slightly naughty (but ever so tasteful) edge!

2. Inflatable Games. Another one that goes down well with every group- this is a hilarious ice-breaker and a  great way to get a bit active with some healthy competition!

3. Pottery Workshop. When you’re doing it with the girls it may not have the romantic element that Ghost taught us to expect, but it’s unusual and certain to add a lot of fun!

4. Human Table Football. Playing football may not have been top of your list of ideas, but this hilarious inflatable version is great fun and super memorable!

figure in vaults

5. Ghost Tour. Our haunted walks will enlighten you to your destinations deepest darkest secrets, with stories so horrifying you’ll be quaking in your boots…


You can find all of these activities on our unusual hen party activities page!

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