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The Truth About First Dates

November 14, 2017
the truth about first dates

First dates can be some of the most excruciating nights a girl ever has to suffer. Some men try too hard, some try too little, some guys have just one thing in mind, then there’s catfish, bad breath, forgotten wallets and why do so many think that the way to a woman’s heart is with a happy meal?!? When will men realise, any ‘restaurant’ with plastic seats is NOT fit to woo?

We gave first daters a chance to get it all off their chest (including those that were annoyed with their dates for only staring at the chest) as we asked the nation’s ladies for their opinions on first dates and their worst experiences.

What’s the worst thing your first date could do?

• Be rude to staff – 46%
• Flirt with the bar staff/waitress – 23%
• Go in with the tongue when kissing goodbye – 13%
• Expect me to split the bill – 5%
• Swearing – 5%
• Talk about football/computer games/movies – 4%
• Other – 4%

Telling Porkies – Half of all women surveyed admitted
to lying on a first date.

Have you ever left halfway through a first date?

• Yes – 52%
• No – 48%

Did you…

• Just be honest – 44%
• Make up an excuse and leave – 34%
• Pretend to get a call and say you have to go – 12%
• Do a runner – 10%

Phoney – 71% of women think it’s rude to use your phone on a first date
but 51% of women admit to having done it.

Is it rude to answer a text/phone call/email on a first date?

• Yes – 71%
• No – 29%

Have you or a date answered a call/message/update during a first date?

• They have, I really wasn’t impressed – 49%
• We both have – 31%
• I have, it’s no biggie – 20%

Have you ever lied on a first date?

• Yes, haven’t we all – 56%
• No, honesty is my middle name – 44%

How were you asked out on your last first date?

• In person – 54%
• Online – 17%
• In a text – 15%
• Through a mutual friend – 9%
• Other – 5%

Leg it! – Over 50% of women say they have done a runner
halfway through a first date.

What’s the worst thing a first date has said to you?

• “You look like my mum.”
• “I only like bum sex.”
• “Have you brought your purse?”
• “Do you like housework?”
• “I’m just going for a p*** behind this tree.”
• “Would you mind if we popped into my ex’s on the way home?”
• “I’m married”
• “Shall we get married and have kids?” Weirdest thing is I said ‘yes’ and we’re still together 20 years on.

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Where’s the worst place you’ve been taken on a first date?

• McDonalds for an evening meal when I was all dressed up thinking we were going posh. Worst thing was some of the teenagers I teach were in there. #awkward

• For a takeaway pizza which we sat and ate in his car!

• The Chair Museum in High Wycombe.

• Dinner with his parents!

• I was taken to a cemetery. He told me he had something special to show me. I was so freaked out.

• Went to a pub, but he rang me about 15mins before he was due to pick me up and confessed he couldn’t drive, so I had to pick him up.

Unhappy Meal – 13% of women said they’d been taken
on a first date to McDonalds.

Other venues our daters weren’t impressed with included;

• Library • Model train exhibition
• Lego story • Motorbike show
• Ex-girlfriend’s house • Swimming
• Fishing • Factory tour
• Golf • Recycling plant
• Video game shop • Bingo

What is the worst first date you’ve been on?

• My grandma set me up with her friend’s grandson when I was a teenager. He forgot to bring any money, stared at my boobs and then without warning leaned in and licked my shoulder, then told me I was ‘tasty’. He told his grandma it went well and asked her to arrange a second date.

• He took me to his friends’ party after dinner and it turned out to be some sort of swingers thing. I grabbed my keys and left.

• A Tinder date, he looked nothing like his photos and had literally nothing to say for himself. I made an excuse and left after an excruciating hour of near-silence. He messaged me 5 mins after I left saying ‘That was great, when can I see you again?’.

• This guy took me back to him mums, I was 18 she hugged me and said at last I will get grandkids. She and he spent the night declaring undying love for me and begging me to move in with him.

• I was taken to Nandos and the guy then proceeded to eat a whole chicken with his bare hands.

So, there we are, as Shakespeare wrote “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Although guys should be aware that it probably won’t run at all, sitting in a car park, eating pizza out of a cardboard box. But at least we can now all take solace in the fact that no matter how bad a first date seems to be going, even if he asks you to marry him, it could all still work out happily ever after.

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