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St Valentine’s Survey Results – Worst Gifts Ever!

February 6, 2015

With St Valentine’s Day looming once again many men will already be starting to experience the panic of trying to find a romantic gift. Likewise their significant others (the least romantic term of all time) also feel pressure to pick the perfect present. Surely when love is in the air it’s the thought that counts?

Well, Valentine’s buyers beware, the heart of the matter is, there are definite do’s and don’ts concerning Valentine’s gifts.
How much should you spend? Will she object if he suggests a trip to the pub? And how should you react if presented with a jar of cellulite cream?

GoHen polled over 1,500 romantics across the UK to hear just how the nation will be expressing their love this year. Here’s the results…

Valentines infographic

The Stats

Worst Gifts – For men the least romantic gifts were those perennial passion killers, socks. 38% of women said the worst gift they had received was nothing, while 7% of men got things wrong with kitchen gadgets or household goods, the most vehement complaints and the cardinal sin of Valentine’s gift wasn’t buying underwear for a lady but buying the wrong size, you have been warned chaps.
Worst gift’s people have said they’d received from their lovers included; A bag of compost and a spade, a banana, cellulite cream and our personal favourite, “a dustbin lid with my name etched into it” (what were you thinking of man?!?).

Average Spend – Over 33% of red blooded males will spend more than £50 on their Valentine’s gift with 11.7% spending more than £100. However, while the UK economy might be improving, on average both men and women intend to spend less than last year with over 60% of women intending to spend £25 or less.

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Single Life – Singletons certainly aren’t immune to Valentine’s Day, nearly 6% of males will spend over £100 with nearly 56% buying valentine’s gifts while 45% of single females will be surprising someone special with a gift.

Say it with… – Wine/champagne tops the charts of intended gifts, while 18.5% will say it with perfume/aftershave. Chocolates (17.5%) and flowers (11.3%) remain ever popular while 18% of people intend to “say it naked”.

Where to? – 64% of women and 49.6% of men would rather have a quite night in with their significant other. 43.9% of men intend to cook, while for many a great evening involves a DVD and wine, with Love Actually topping our poll of romantic movies by a significant margin. For those that will be heading out for a night of romance, dinner is by far the most popular choice, closely followed by a night down the local pub, less than 10% of the nation will be having a weekend away, while only 2.9% of chaps will opt for a night at the theatre.

Pop the Question – 4% of the population have gotten engaged on St Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day

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