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The Office Christmas Party – ’tis the Season

December 2, 2014
Office Christmas Party

Ah yes, it’s that time of year when we all don our festive knitwear or party frocks and head to the office Christmas ‘do’. But just what is trending this winter? What does the nation deem Christmas cool and what do you ladies prefer?

At GoHen we polled the nation to find out how you approach one of the season’s big nights out and here are the results;




Top of the charts for acceptable office seasonal attire is the Christmas hat (flashing pom poms optional). Christmas jumpers are another festive favourite with partygoers, but beware of the tinsel which got a resounding thumbs down. However a good time is very much expected with well over 1 in 3 partygoers (42%) in favour of fancy dress.

We’re not sure what a certain Miss Paltrow will make of a Santa pullover but her ‘natural’ look did get the most votes as the look our polsters most admired. Not such great news for Katie Price as ‘Perfect Princess’ style got a ‘frostier’ reception at just 12%. In fact 75% said they thought Gwyneth’s look was ‘Hot’ while 88% of votes put the artist/author/designer/presenter/singer formerly known as “Jordan” in the ‘Not’ column.

Other “sleb” makeovers saw Kim Kardashion (Hollywood Glam) and Nikki Minaj (Rainbow Bright) also voted into the ‘Not’ column with Alexa Chung’s look (Rock Chic) winning in the ‘Hot’ vote stakes.


Fake tans were also less popular, with 15% of women saying they preferred a tan in a can, 18% of the UK preferred to keep their complexions all white on the party night with a ‘Porcelain Princess’ look but by far the majority take things ‘Au Naturale’ which came out on top with over two thirds (67%) of the vote.

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However regional thinking did differ, fake tan was more popular in Wales and the North, Scotland had a higher regard for a lighter complexion (25%) and in the South 71% opted for a natural skin tone.

Party Purse Strings

45% of women said they would be buying something specifically to wear at the office party, the average budget being between £26 -£50. But 10% confessed to blowing over £100 on their festive frocks!

Dress Sense

Dresses were considered the most important part of the office party wardrobe, hair and make up were the next priority (25%), while surprisingly having a Christmas jumper, onesie, hat or scarf rated higher (15%) than a great pair of heels (9%).


But what of the much anticipated office romance? Nearly half of guests (47%) admitted they have or will be trying harder with their look to catch the eye of their colleague crush at the office ‘do’.

Slap & Tipple

Our survey suggests if you like a tipple when getting ready you’re far from alone. 66% of women will have a cheeky glass at hand as they pluck, paint and preen. Once again the UK’s habits suggest some geographical differences, with 81% of ladies north of the border opting for some refreshment as they prepare for a ‘wee night oot’ while in Wales they are a tad more abstemious with only 56% imbibing a pre-evening glass during preparations.

nowcheckoutSurvey Stats

Volume: 1088
Date range: 18 – 31/11/2014
Source: GoHen.com

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