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Office Christmas party dos and don’ts

November 20, 2013
Christmas work party dos and donts

Bad jumpers, awful jokes and cheesy music. No its not a new Noel Edmonds game show, it’s the office Christmas party! That annual source of laughter, gossip, and embarrassment. Are you one who dreads it and will do/say anything to get out of it?

“It’s on the 17th? Oh no, I’ve already promised to take my sister’s husband’s cousin’s hairdresser’s labradoodle for a psyche assessment. He’s like a brother to me and I don’t want to let him down.”

Or are you the office girl Friday who loves to get into the thick of the Christmas action?

“It’s on the 17th? Hooray! I picked out my Christmas outfit in August and I’m going to keep drinking until Neil in accounts becomes attractive and then see if he can arrange a bonus for me!”

However big or small your firm, the Xmas Do is a breeding ground for romance and revulsion, shenanigans and shame.

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So here’s our dos and don’ts to festive frolics at the Office Christmas knees up.

Do observe the dress code…

Yes fancy dress can be a cheesy but that’s kind of the point. You’ll either be glammed up and dying to kick your heels off or wearing a “hilarious” (said through gritted teeth) Christmas jumper.
And while you might feel a bit of an idiot dressing up as a superhero (“Whose bloody bright idea was this?”) as you make your way to a cheap corporate hotel for over cooked turkey and cheap house wine, show them your can do attitude and make the most of it. It will show the powers that be that you are a team player.

Don’t dress to impress in the wrong way…

Like a guy who has spent weeks building his own dalek costume from scratch, the girl who uses the occasion to dress down to be as “eye catching” as possible could sadly get judged (rightly or wrongly) on her appearance. No matter the event dress as you wish people to see you on a professional basis.


Do have a good time…

It’s great to be seen as someone who can mix well and is popular with colleagues from all the various departments. Don’t be false but you might have to laugh at the odd crap joke or drag people into conversation that outside work you probably much rather avoid. Be seen as a good communicator as this will show what a valuable asset you can be. Also you’ll be amazed what you can learn about people in a more social setting.

Don’t go looking for a good time…

So you’ve found out Steve the new designer is not only single but clearly puts his gym membership to good use. But do you really want to start an office romance? And is a drunken Christmas party really the time to do it? He might look hot stuff now but if you break up in 3 months time you might well have to face your hot designer ex boyfriend 5 days a week.


Do bring the other half if possible…

Yes you might have to drag him along kicking and screaming but he should lend you his support. Plus if the company are putting you all up in a swanky hotel, you get to enjoy a nice night away on the company’s account. Win/Win

Don’t invite along the girls…

No matter how good the event, or how many tickets you can blag, this is a works do and you should keep your work head on, even if you are perfectly behaved – if your friends aren’t, this could lead to people questioning your judgement. How will your friends behave given a free bar and a room full of strangers they’ll never have to see again?


Do thank the boss for a good night…

It’s not a case of kissing up or being false, but no matter how much they know you deserve a decent thank you at the end of the year, in tough economic times it’s sometimes hard for companies to release cash at Christmas just so everyone can get drunk. So it doesn’t hurt just to show some gratitude in return.

Don’t decide to revive your short lived dancing career…

Yes you might want the bosses to see you in a different light, yes being in a more relaxed setting away from the office might give you ample chance to get yourself noticed. But this is not the right time or place to go showing off the skills you’ve learnt from your pole dancing class or what you picked up from the burlesque hen party you went on.

So eat, drink and be merry but remember it’s a potentially career damaging minefield so put on your best Jimmy Choos, tread carefully, drink wisely and never accept an invite into the stationary cupboard from anyone, not even Steve the hot designer. Send him in our direction instead and we’ll flirt with him for you. You’re welcome.

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