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Incredible wedding dress cake has 17 tiers and feeds 2000!

March 4, 2013

It’s not unusual in the slightest for a little girl to draw her dream wedding dress. It’s still not that unusual that she’d draw it as a cake (after all, fashion plus yummy food is a winner). However, what’s ever-so-slightly more unusual is that her confectioner mother was so impressed she decided to bake it!

Six-year-old Hannah Millington-Day designed this ivory beauty based on her own mothers stunning wedding dress. Her mother Donna Millington-Day then used a whopping 224 free-range eggs, 28lb of flour, 28lb of caster sugar and 28lb of butter and set to work! She also spent a whole week cooking the creation!

The result of these labours is worth £6000, is 6 foot tall and has 17 tiers of sponge cake. It’s topped with 49lb of sugar paste icing, 2lb of royal icing and hundreds of sugar paste.

Padding out the layers is 17lb of Madagascan vanilla butter cream and 7lb of raspberry jam. Altogether the fashionable deliciousness could feed as many as 2000 guests (though we wouldn’t want to be the ones cutting into it!)

Donna told, “Hannah was going through my old wedding photos when she suggested we recreate my dress. I thought it was a great idea. Although it’s not an exact replica, I have taken the details like the corset and styling on the side.

The satin finish was achieved using a pearl lustre and each swirl was hand-piped.”

Donna runs the Fairytale Cake Company with her husband of eight years Myles, and they also have a 2-year-old son together.

Despite requiring a custom-made trolley to move it to the National Wedding Show, where it’ll take pride of place in front of hundreds of brides-to-be, after that it wont be moving- “We’re not going to sell the cake, but to buy it would cost around £6000. After the show we’re going to display it in our shop window.”

Check out pictures of the gorgeous creation below:

wedding cake

mother and daughter




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