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GoHen’s fantastic Burns Night deal!

January 9, 2014

The 25th of January marks a very special night on the Scottish calendar and in homes, pubs and restaurants all over the UK and the world – it’s Burns night! This evening which comes once a year celebrates the life and works of famed Scottish poet, Robert Burns and is a pretty great excuse to tuck into some haggis, neeps and tatties and a healthy measure of delicious Scottish whiskey. A traditional Burns night supper makes for a really great occasion with friends whether you’ve Scottish blood in you or not and is perfect for enjoying a meal home cooked meal with a little Scotch flair and a few tipples to round the whole thing off. Here’s our guide to hosting the ultimate Burns Night celebration!

We’ve decided to honour this traditional holiday by offering you a great Burns night deal. If you book your hen weekend with GoHen before the 25th of January, you’ll receive a gorgeous and bang on trend traditional Scottish tartan scarf made from soft lambswool and a pair of top quality black gloves to keep you toasty throughout the winter season absolutely free! Enquire today to get things moving. Why not choose lively Glasgow or cultural Edinburgh for a totally Scottish experience?

The Food

  • HaggisFirst of all, make sure to get a real haggis involved – contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t contain as much weird stuff and offal as you might think. Okay, so there is a little bit of animal innard going on but modern haggises are far less offensive and taste pretty much like a regular sausage. Maybe tell your friends what’s inside once the meal is over though… Here’s how to cook this meaty beast to perfection. If you’re feeling squeamish though, nobody will blame you for picking up a tasty veggie one instead.
  • Now you’ve probably heard about neeps and tatties before – but kudos if you actually know what’s in it! Pair your haggis with this tasty potato and turnip mixture and impress everyone with your encyclopaedic knowledge of Scottish cuisine. Or just let Jamie show you how.


• If you’re still craving something sweet once your Burns night meal is over, bust out the cranachan. This fresh, sweet and simple to prepare dish is made from toasted oats, whipped cream, raspberries, honey and just a splash of tasty Scotch whiskey to give it a kick. It’s an unusual dish that all of your friends are bound to fall in love with and looks far more impressive than it actually is! Learn how to make it here.

• Still hungry? Try making some traditional Scottish shortbread to round off your feast. Most recipes only call for 3 ingredients and take it from us, it will taste so much better than anything you’ve ever bought from the shops. Waft the smell of fresh home baking throughout the house and really impress your mates with some classic fingers or sugary petticoat tails!

The Drinks

When it comes to Burns night, it’s all about the whiskey of course – if you’re not au fait with the varieties and ways to drink the boozy stuff. Unless you’re drinking it straight on the rocks, try out some of these slightly less scary and far milder whiskey cocktails that everybody will love.

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  • Mint julepManhattan: Whiskey, vermouth, angostura bitters and a cherry. Delicious.
  • Mint Julep: Get into the 1920s Gatsby spirit with juleps all round. Mix fresh mint, sugar syrup, cognac and whiskey together until fabulous, old sport.
  • Whiskey sour: This one’s a little more tricky but it’s a true classic. Shake up an egg white, sugar, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, whiskey and bitters for a real sophisticated treat.

If all this talk of whiskey, neeps and tatties and tartan has given you a taste for all things Scottish, then why not take a look at some of our fantastic hen party destinations north of the border…

Edinburgh is one of our all time favourite destinations for a hen weekend away. There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful, historic city and we’ve got an absolutely massive range of hen party activities to try when you and the girls visit bonny Scotland! Honour years of Scottish tradition and have a go at our hilarious traditional highland games activity, learn how to dance the can-can or just like Madonna or simply lie back, relax and let the experts treat you all to a pretty manicure or soothing massage. Nights out in this city are well known for being warm, friendly and quirky and if you visit during the fantastic Edinburgh Fringe season, the city really does never sleep! When you’re not busy enjoying activities or partying hard, be sure to visit the famous castle, pretty Princes Street and the Royal Mile amongst many other attractions in this stunning, vibrant and totally classy city.

Although not as well established, we’d really recommend the up and coming city of Glasgow in Scotland for your hen party. Nightlife here is well known for being absolutely legendary and if you’re counting the pennies, you can be sure of getting the absolute most from your money! Drinks deals are everywhere and the range of music in clubs is so varied that even those with the most niche of tastes are bound to find something they like. We have a massive list of fantastic daytime activities to offer in Glasgow and whether you want to challenge yourselves to some whitewater rafting, go karting or even a stab at cheerleading with the girls, you’re guaranteed a totally action packed weekend in Glasgow. Culture and tourism are most certainly on the rise here – the city was named a UNESCO creative city and a UNESCO city of music in 2008 and is fast becoming one of the most visited cities in the British Isles. Make it a weekend to remember in Glasgow!

Book up your weekend before the 25th to receive your free traditional Scottish gift of a lambswool tartan scarf and a pair of soft black gloves to match.

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