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GoHen Talks To Paradox London – Luxury Wedding Shoe Designers

February 23, 2017

Hi Paradox…

(“Please don’t look at my shoes, please don’t look at my shoes…. Phew! Feet safely under the table!”)

Thanks for chatting to GoHen, as you’re one of the finest suppliers of stunning wedding shoes, we’d love to benefit from some of your slippered wisdom. So…. (kick my shoes off, “Oh no! They’ve seen them!”)

What’s hot in the world of wedding shoes this year?

We’re seeing many footwear fashion trends merging into the bridal market. Traditionally bridal companies only offered classic footwear styles, but as weddings are now increasingly varied and adventurous, brides have learnt they don’t have to stick to any fashion “rules.” This season we are going to be offering a variety of block heel sandals and courts and well as more embellished styles. We felt it was something missing from the bridal footwear market. We have also seen many brides opting for champagne or silver wedding shoes to mix up their look.


What’s not? Any styles brides should avoid?

Every bride has her own style and taste so we wouldn’t say there is anything to avoid. What one bride dislikes, another one loves! Although one of our strangest requests have been for a pair of ivory lace, knee-high boots!?!

Which do you predict will be the biggest trends in 2017?

With the maximalist theme continuing into SS17 + AW17, we expect to see lots of bows, ruffles and embellished trims inspired by designers such as No.21 and Miu Miu. A lot of brides are also mixing colour into their accessories with champagne metallic, rose gold coloured satins.


What’s the most common mistake brides make when picking their wedding footwear?

Leaving it to the last minute! Often brides focus solely on the dress and leave choosing their shoes till the very end. Your shoes are going to be holding you up all day (and night!) so you should consider what sort of heel height you want to go for when picking your dress to ensure things like the length of your hem look right and you aren’t going to be towering over your partner to be!

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What are your top three tips for planning the bridal outfit?

– Do your research and consider putting a Pinterest board together that you can show the assistants as it will help them focus on what sort of style you are going for. On our Pink Paradox website all our shoes feature a Pinterest button that you can click on to send your fave shoes straight to your pinboards!

– Know your silhouette! Many women tend to go for a shape that they would never normally wear or something that is a trend of the moment, but try and stick with what you know suits you (plus it will also help narrow down your selection). Don’t be afraid to ask for someone to take a picture of you too so you can double check how you look on camera!

– You don’t need to bring your whole family to the dress fitting. As tempting as it is to get lots of opinions when choosing your dress, it can also add more pressure to the day and you may end up with feeling pressured into something which doesn’t feel right for you.

What other footwear should brides consider for their big day? Should they stay in heels the whole day?

Absolutely not! There are so many footwear options for brides nowadays you don’t have to be restricted to just one pair. When creating collections, we always try and offer a lower heel height option for the bride to slip into once the formalities are out the way!


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Which celebs always get their shoes right?

Women like Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker always have an enviable collection and show how one pair of good shoes can really transform an outfit.

What should brides be looking for when it comes to finding their perfect pair?

Comfort! Having easy to wear, comfortable shoes doesn’t have to mean choosing something your Grandma would wear but simply finding a heel that you are going to be happy spending 12+ hours stood up in is so important. At Paradox London we have a great selection of low-medium heel heights with extra padding in the sock to keep you looking and feeling happy all day!

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What’s the easiest way to match wedding shoes with the dress?

Many bridal boutiques will have a selection of shoes for you to try on with your wedding dress so you can get a feel for what you like. From that you can determine if you want a closed toe, open toe, low heel or high heel!


Spending the working week talking/looking/thinking shoes sounds like a dream job (we’re not jealous, much), so what’s the best thing about your job?

We love creating beautiful, affordable wedding shoes for brides and seeing the pictures of them wearing them on their day!

These boots shoes were made for walking… So, what would be the best and worst songs to walk down the aisle to?

Best – “All you need is love” The Beatles (preferably with a live band a la “Love Actually!”)

Worst – “Gold Digger” Kanye West

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Any final parting words of bridal wisdom?

The Bride is ALWAYS right!

Thank you, it was lovely to meet shoe (we’re so sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).


You can find more of Paradox London’s gorgeous shoes on their Pinterest.

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