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GoHen Talks to Flossy & Leigh

August 18, 2016

With five years of wonderful wedding experience, the award-winning Flossy & Leigh are one of the UK’s best bridal stylists. So after making GoHen’s top 50 stylists of 2016, we decided to sit down with acclaimed director Phoebe Caramitsos to talk about the year’s hottest styles, Krispy Kreme doughnut favours and why you should never dance to Shania Twain!

How many weddings do you attend a year?

On average, the company does around 150 weddings a year. I oversee a lot of the trials and do all the management admin and coordinating, as well as the training of the awesome team. I personally only do about a third of the weddings at the minute, and next year I’ll be concentrating on the training and management side more.

What’s hot for this year’s brides?

Very soft, loose up-dos with braids. LOTS and lots of braids. Also very soft, effortless blown-out wavey hair (not tight curls).

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What’s not? Is there anything brides should avoid?

Overly structured, strict sleek up-dos, or 80’s passé ringlets… And tiaras! Sorry, but some are an absolute no-no as they can limit so much what you can actually do with your hair in order to make them look right. They can instantly make a style look dated. If you’re going for the quintessential “Princess” look, then obviously it may call for a tiara, but there are some phenomenal variations on the classics which are proving much more popular.

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What are your top three tips for finding the right hair stylist?

1) Look at as many photos of their work as possible. Not just one or two. They may have been asked to do something they absolutely despise, but did it to make the bride happy (every stylist has been there – shakes head and takes a shower). In other words, one or two photos isn’t a good enough representation to give you a clear idea of their style.

2) Wedding experience! Not only do they need to be familiar with the tight scheduling that is essential on a wedding morning, but if they are used to weddings, they ought to be well-experienced in the “veil issue”, and how to get one to stay without ruining the style out when it is taken out.

3) Two words; Recommendations and reviews. Look at their history and what brides say… have they cancelled for bigger and better options? Or are they 100% reliable and committed to your wedding?

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You must have been around lots of weddings, what is the best wedding day advice for brides?

Make sure your hairdresser and/or makeup artist has compiled a schedule for you. If not, give them one to work with, as timing is everything on the wedding morning. There would be nothing worse than running late and being stressed on the morning. If everything is realistically scheduled and your team are reliable, there should be no need for stress. Always plan to be completely finished with styling at least 30 minutes before you leave to be married.

Any tips for bridesmaid hair?

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I think it’s the biggest misconception that they all need to look the same. WHY!?! Everyone’s face shape is different. Do what suits them each individually so they feel comfortable and at their prettiest too. Work to a similar theme if needs be, and you can tie them all together by adding a matching detail such as a clip or flower, or even work a braid somewhere into each of their styles to tie them together.

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What’s the best/most original idea you’ve ever seen at a wedding?

Naturally, because it’s lunch time (at the time of writing) I’m going to say the Krispy Kreme donut wedding favours. However, I once saw a lady come in and do henna on the guest’s hands throughout the day… That’s a great idea, as it’s a reminder for them for up to a week or so afterwards.

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Spending all day looking and talking about weddings sounds like a dream, so what’s the best part about your job?

I think the hugs. I love it when you look at their happy, tear-filled face, and know you’ve nailed it. It’s the way they look at you and thank you in such a heartfelt way, that you know they are never forgetting you. Ever!

You can tell us, we won’t tell a soul, honest… What’s the worst song you’ve heard played for the first dance/walking down the aisle/other?

I’m the wrong person to ask, because I’d go for Billie Jean! But to be honest, I just don’t like it when they pick a random slow song from the current charts with no real thought behind it. I’d have to say for me personally, Shania Twain would probably be up there with the worst I’ve heard!

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Any final parting words of bridal wisdom?

It’s just one day… Yes, it’s really important to look good and feel good, because yes people will be looking at you, but remember it’s just a lip colour, or a positioning of a fringe!

If these little things start to become a stressful obsession that begin to take priority over just actually marrying this amazing man who you adore and want to spend your life with… Then just stop and reassess who and what you are doing it all for. Relax and enjoy the ride.

You can find Flossy & Leigh on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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