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June 20, 2016

We recently sat down with Emily and Jessica of Bespoke Bride after they were named as one of GoHen’s top UK wedding bloggers of 2016 to talk about the life of a wedding blogger, bride ideas and getting far too hung up on the balloons (?!?).

How many weddings do you attend a year?

To be honest not that many! Everyone seems to have this misconception that if you’re a wedding blogger you must be invited to loads of weddings but that’s just not true. On average I would say we attend 1 or 2 a year.

What’s hot for this year’s weddings?

We try not to follow trends too much as we focus more on the personality of the couple but we would like to think DIY weddings are still huge! They are a great way to add one’s own individuality and style. Personally, we are in love with the tropical vibes that the arrival of summer has seen, anything with pineapples, watermelons and flamingos gives us heart eyes! And of course anything with colour. The brighter the better. We think couples are definitely embracing bold colours and prints more, they are not afraid to experiment and we are seeing a change from a 2 tone colour palette like white and purple to all the colours which is fantastic!

What’s not? Is there anything couples should avoid?

Avoid doing anything that isn’t you. Stick to doing things you love and you will have the best day.

Samanta and Joaquim Tulum Wedding

Samanta and Joaquim Tulum Wedding

What’s the most common mistake you hear about couples making in the build up to the big day?

The most common advice we hear from our brides is to not sweat the small stuff! We recently had a bride share her story about her balloons. She was to the point of obsessing over them when one of them popped. Everyone was too scared to tell her as she had been so precious about them in the lead up to the wedding. When she eventually found out she realised how silly it was to focus on this one balloon when all she really wanted was to be married to the love of her life.

I think it is so easy to get caught up in that stuff, we worry too much about what others think when really, we should only be concerning ourselves, with what’s most important and that’s the start of a marriage.

What are your top five wedding tips?

  • Before you start any planning determine a budget and then prioritise what elements of the wedding are most important to the two of you.
  • Plan your wedding on your own terms.
  • Accept help when help is needed. Don’t try to do everything yourself.
  • If you decide to DIY be realistic with your time, money and skills.
  • Try to enjoy the process of planning rather than stress about it.


For complete wedding newbies where should they start the planning? What are the priorities to get booked?

Start by choosing a date. Personally I would choose a few, as venues can be booked up to two years in advance so have a couple of ideas in mind and be flexible. Then start looking for a venue. Once you know where you are getting married and where your reception will be everything else can be booked around this.

Next I would suggest booking photographers and videographers. Again these can be booked up to two years in advance so it’s important to book these in early, especially if you have your heart set on a particular one.

Then it’s probably time to start thinking about your dress as these will need to be designed/ made/ altered etc. So allow plenty of time for this.

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You must have been around lots of weddings, what is the best wedding day advice for brides?

Take time in the day to share a few moments with just you and your husband. It goes so quickly so take some time to enjoy what you have both created together!

What’s the best/most original idea you’ve ever seen at a wedding?

We have seen loads and that is why we love our blog so much! From a couple of crazy scientists mixing chemicals in a glass beaker to signify their union instead of exchanging rings, to brides serenading their husbands with a surprise choir and bridesmaids in flash mobs. Each of our real weddings includes something unique which is what makes every day in our job so much fun! You never know what you’re going to get next?


Spending all day looking and talking about weddings sounds like a dream, so what’s the best part about your job?

We really do have the happiest job ever! We are constantly surrounded by love and creativity and it’s just so much fun. Not only do we get to see unique weddings but we get to meet all the amazing couples, family, friends and suppliers that made them happen. It is an inspiring industry. We also get to do something that we love to do, which is get creative. Our days are spent designing DIY’s, writing posts and filming YouTube videos, as well as arranging photo shoots and attending industry events – what’s not to love?

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You can tell us, we won’t tell a soul, honest… What’s the worst song you’ve heard played for the first dance/walking down the aisle/other?

Being completely honest, I have never heard a bad song, all the couples I know have great taste in music.


Any final parting words of bridal wisdom?

Check out Bespoke Bride for tons of colourful inspiration, creative ideas and useful guides! We also have a YouTube channel where you can find loads more tutorials, advice and travel ideas – perfect if you are searching for a honeymoon destination. And we will soon be launching a brand new service to our blog, dedicated to finding unique suppliers and products for your wedding as easy as 1,2,3 so be sure to check back soon.

You can find Bespoke Bride on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.


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