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May 18, 2017
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Like your own wedding fairy godmother, House of Colour’s resident bridal expert Ali Westmoreland will analyse your skin tones and help you find the perfect style to match. And because there’s no such thing as bad fashion advice, we caught up Ali to talk about what’s hot in the world of weddings and what the life of a personal stylist is really like behind the scenes!

House of Colour, will you be our shopping buddy?

Absolutely! We love shopping! And we particularly love helping people to find the item that’s just right for them.

Hooray! So, what’s hot in the world of weddings this year?

The catwalks and high streets are full of bright colours this season, and that has filtered through into weddings too. We’re seeing more variety of colour for people who want something different to the traditional white wedding.

Off the shoulder styles, florals, jewels, oversized bows and ruffles are on trend this season too, perfect for anyone wanting a more romantic wedding. We’ve also seen a return to simplicity for people who prefer something more minimal. Plus, separates and jumpsuits are in if dresses aren’t really ‘you’. For accessories, think vintage and Victorian, such as gloves and capelets. Essentially, we’re seeing a lot of variety, so your perfect style is out there!

What’s not? Anything couples should avoid?

Don’t embrace a trend if it doesn’t work for you! What’s right for one couple might not be right for another. Weddings are a chance to express your unique personalities, so, as long as it feels right for the bride and groom, it can’t be wrong.


© Kylee Lee Photographer

How important is it for brides to find the colours (other than white, of course) that work for them?

It’s so important! There are so many shades of ‘white’; some will make you shine, while others will make you look washed out or sallow (it’s all to do with the pigment in your individual skin cells). Having your colours analysed before your big day will identify whether you suit white, cream, champagne or something else.

We’ll also discover your best colours for jewellery, accessories and make-up. Having that clarity will make shopping for your big day so much simpler. It’s knowledge that you can apply to your going away and honeymoon outfits too, so that you look amazing in every single honeymoon photo – your colour confidence won’t end with the wedding! Colour analysis applies to men too, to find their best colours for their outfits. Knowing the colours that suit you takes the hard work out of choosing your colour scheme as well.

It goes without saying that your make-up styles are incredible. What makes your designs stand out so much?

Ah, thank you! It’s all about designing a make-up look around what suits the individual. With my clients, I know whether they will suit a bold design or a more natural look, and whether to use matte or something with a sparkle, for example. Wearing the right make-up colours has a huge impact too. Choosing colours that harmonise with our skin, hair and eye colour naturally makes our skin glow and our eyes sparkle.

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You really know your stuff when it comes to bridal style, where should a bride start when planning her wedding outfit?

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I know the choice can be mind-boggling. You’re looking for a style that flatters your body shape and proportions, but also expresses your personality. Think about different aspects of the styles that you wear day to day, for example whether you prefer texture or smooth fabrics, shine or matte, fitted or flowing, vintage or contemporary.

Neckline shapes make a big difference too, as does the scale of your accessories and bouquet. These are all questions we can answer for our clients within a day’s style session, to give very specific guidance about the bridal styles that will suit.  Don’t forget colour is key too.

Everybody knows about the shoes, hair, dress etc. But what other aspects of the wedding should we be paying extra attention to?

It’s the little details that really express personality, so think about accessories too. Grooms can express their personality through their choice of ties, collar shapes, pocket handkerchiefs, cufflinks, or suit linings, for example. It’s also thinking about the design of floral displays, table decorations, chairs, bunting, and the cake. We’re seeing a lot of creativity in the use of textures in floral designs and decorations, as well as unusual and striking colour combinations. These are all areas where you can let your personality shine through.


For any brides who are planning to go all DIY with their wedding look, why is having a personal stylist so important?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re going DIY. There are so many decisions to make and so much to do. It’s important to save yourself time, energy and money where you can. A House of Colour stylist will give you specific guidance about the colours and styles to look for, as well as ideas about where to shop to find an amazing outfit within your budget.

Plus we cover make-up tuition, so that you have the confidence to do it yourself on the day. It’s a service we offer to anyone within the bridal party, and we often have groups of family members, friends, bridesmaids or the bride and groom coming for a joint session, which makes it extra fun and special.

Spending the working week talking/looking/thinking about weddings sounds like a dream job (we’re not jealous, much), so what’s the best thing about your job?

I do have the best job in the world! Seeing the transformation in my clients is so rewarding. My favourite part is when people have a lightbulb moment, when it finally makes sense why something does or doesn’t suit them. I know that moment of clarity will last and give them a lifetime of confidence, not just for their wedding day.

What would be the best and worst songs to walk down the aisle to?

Best – Bruno Mars – Marry You
Worst – Kanye West – Gold Digger

Any final parting words of bridal wisdom?

It’s your day, so design the day you want and enjoy!

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