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GoHen interview The Wedding Fairy on DIY, Vintage and Hot 2013 Looks!

February 14, 2013

Today’s hen post sees us interview the wonderful George Watts, AKA The Wedding Fairy, who’s THE Wedding Expert! He’s got over a million hits on YouTube, he’s been described as an internet sensation and he did the coverage of the Wills and Kate’s wedding for an American audience of over 22 million people! It’s fair to say, then, that if you have any wedding queries he’s the guy to go to. For now though, sit back, relax and soak in this wedding wisdom!

the wedding fairy book

1. How did you first get into the wedding industry?

I have always loved all the individual elements that make up a wedding, so I think I just sort of naturally gravitated to the altar of love! From the cake, to the flowers and of course the dress, I love all the glitz n glam the World of Weddings has to offer on a daily basis. When I think I have seen everything, a new bride-to-be comes along and blows me away with a fresh idea or a splash of originality that reminds me why this is the best business in the World 

2. Your fabulous book The Budget-Busting DIY Wedding Guide has some amazing advice, what’s your favourite piece of DIY wedding advice?

Why thank you for those kind words!

Well first up before you attempt anything, it’s vital you sit down, do the maths and work out how much cash you have to splash on the big day itself. Trust me, sorting out the finances right from the beginning of this process will save a whole lot of hassle and panic further down the line!

Calculate a running total and break down the costs for each element of your big day. Take out 10% of your overall budget to act as an emergency fund for any costs that may crop up along the way or, to top-up cash allocation for specific elements such as the cake and flowers.

vintage wedding

3. What’s the easiest way to add a touch of DIY to your wedding?

Remember to always source locally and get the word out and tell anyone who will listen that you are in the process of planning a wedding as someone will probably know someone who can help. DIY wedding planning is most successful when we not only utilise our own talents, but also tap into all the individual skills and services our community of friends and family have to offer. Sourcing local food produce or serving traditional dishes custom to your own town or city is one instant area that springs to mind when it comes to saving cash. And we all have that one friend who loves to bake and has always relished the challenge of a big fat wedding cake! Now is that time!

4.What’s the best wedding idea you’ve ever seen put into practise?

Quite literally all the fun of the fair! Take a very large garden, pop up a marquee, deck the inside with bunting and a splash of gingham tableware, theme the outside space as a traditional English summer fete with all the relevant regalia and you are guaranteed a wedding to remember. Make sure you leave a space for the traditional ice cream van so all the little one’s can enjoy a sundae as part of the wedding reception!

This option is ideal for those who want to go hardcore DIY as you can design many of the elements yourselves including flowers, interiors and even the drinks menu with DIY cocktails, home-made wines and a best of British traditional buffet! Time to sweet talk the Mum-in-Law to be me thinks!

flower display

5. What’s your favourite wedding theme(s)?

Well I do love a bit of gothic theming, decked out with glitzy candleabras and moody lighting, but on the other hand, I also love a bit of fifties Hollywood glamour too with oodles of swarovski crystals and vibrant red accents – in homage to Miss Monroe’s famous lippy, running through the interiors and table decor. I adore the boudoir look!

6. And your favourite edible DIY idea?

Instead of the traditional floral table centrepiece, opt for a sweet tree fix instead! Yes, I am all over this edible treat that looks great on the table, tastes even better and acts as a brilliant ice breaker to get your guests talking – especially if they haven’t met before.

 7. For a vintage themed wedding, where’s the best place to start? 

Firstly it’s important to define your look and get inspired. Make sure your big day reflects your individual style whilst at the same time reflecting your tastes as a couple. Trust your instincts and stamp your personality all over proceedings!

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To keep on top of your budget, check out local second hand stores for candelabras and general vintage regalia you can mix in with your theme. In fact, a good rummage at your local car boot sales and charity shops is always recommended – you never know what you might find that could work-in with your overall styling. Printed black and white photos of you both popped in vintage frames as part of your centrepiece is also a really lovely touch.

8. Any ideas on keeping the children entertained at a wedding?

wedding venue

What about a few traditional fete stalls to keep the little ones entertained during pre-dinner drinks? I love a bit of splat the rat or a classic coconut shy to get the guests going and don’t even get me started on a hook the duck competition! This option is V easy to put together yourselves… a paddling pool, a few yellow ducks, some canes, bang in some hooks and a couple of fun prizes to win – you are good to go! These games work especially well within a vintage themed celebration, or when the wedding reception is being hosted in a marquee with direct outside space you can dress-up (as discussed earlier).

9. Do you think it really is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank?

Absolutely. Some of the best weddings I have been involved with are those on the smallest budgets because the real drama is always in the detail and that costs nothing. Anything home-made always makes much more of an impact as well purely because it’s the personality of a wedding that people remember now how much the wedding car cost.

10. What’s the hot wedding day look for 2013?

The shabby chic look is just going to get bigger and bigger as is the more rustic vintage styling – think burnt orange and brushed silver colourways. The gorgeous greens of our English countryside and splashes of vibrant colour from the classic cottage garden will inspire floral extravaganzas for both bouquet and table centrepieces!

11. And finally, any advice for couples tying the knot in 2013?

wedding couple

Stay calm and carry on! Remember this is no dress rehearsal so just soak up and enjoy every second. I meet so many couples who regret all the unnecessary stress they piled on their shoulders through the process so why bother… The Wedding Fairy does not do bridezilla!


Thank you George for the amazing advice and ideas! If any readers have any questions for George then let us know in the comments and we’ll pass them on!

Now that the wedding planning is underway it may also be time to get planning the hen party – head over to the GoHen website for wonderful activities and hen night ideas! 

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