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GoHen try Cocktail Mixing!

November 15, 2013

This week, the GoHen team was lucky enough to be treated to a cocktail making class at one of our favourite bars in Bath and needless to say, we had an absolute ball! True to the activity sessions which so many of our hen groups have loved over the years, we took part in fun and creative games which resulted in a range of delicious drinks for everyone to try, demonstrations from our awesome mixologist hosts and also a healthy measure of forfeit shots. After our mixing and shaking, we were even treated to ample platters of yummy, bitesize party food. To be honest, the only thing we didn’t really enjoy about our cocktail mixing session was coming in to work early the next morning…

It’s 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon and the girls at GoHen were already starting to get just a little bit excited about the prospect of mojitos before 7pm – lipstick was applied, hair pumped up and high heels put on. We won’t pretend that we may have given out somewhat of the wrong impression to the commuter crowds as we clomped up Milsom Street in patent courts and red lipstick at 5.30pm, but where there were delicious beverages to be consumed, we weren’t to be deterred.

The GoHen Team

Waiting in anticipation and probably deafening the other punters with our girlie squeals and chatter, we soon were introduced to a dashing young pair of barmen who were set to be our guides for the evening. So far so good. Even better, they’d already set out a frozen strawberry daiquiri and fruity vodka shot along the bar to welcome everyone on the team – where can boyfriends get this kind of training?

Next of all, we played a somewhat cheeky ice-breaking game of ‘what’s your favourite sexual position?’ which had us all in stitches. Who knew that our reserved assistant copywriter was quite so adventurous in the sack? Even sillier still, calling anyone by their real names resulted in a fiery chilli shot as a forfeit – speaking from experience, I can assure you that it’s best avoided…

Now for some cocktails! Two teams were taken from our group to shake things up for a strawberry woo woo. Hilarity ensued when the cocktails were shaken using not hands, but thighs. It’s harder than it looks! Despite fairly close crotch proximity, the woo woos were delicious and duly doled out to the thirsty, waiting GoHen crowd.

Cocktail flames

This was followed by some expert mojito tuition, including a couple of just as tasty ‘mock-tails’ for the drivers among us and even more dreaded chilli shots – although they had begun somehow to taste a little less offensive by this point… those who hadn’t yet been up to the bar were now able to try their hand at a famously boozy long island iced tea which really does have 5 different spirits included as standard!

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Ever tried making a cocktail blindfolded? Well now we have! Standing hand-on-bum, two volunteers were temporarily plunged into darkness and asked to stand behind the bum-feelers who were tasked with instructing the blind on how to make a simple peach fizz cocktail in a race against the other. Despite a couple of near misses with cocktail shakers and faces, the drinks were made successfully and tasted pretty damn delicious! Perhaps it helped quite a lot that my team mate used to be a barman…

Poppy and Steve

Whoever said that fire and alcohol don’t mix obviously hadn’t tried a Tennessee Mudshake before. Our bar whizzes for the night were willing to indulge our sweet tooth in a pretty big way as they shook up vanilla vodka (I’m seriously thinking about installing a tap which leaks out this stuff at home), chocolate and cream and topped a tall sundae glass with whipped cream and Oreos – and fire! A fine dusting of chocolate powder was thrown up to the heavens and set fire to by only the very bravest of our cocktail making candidates. To be quite honest, I think the flames may just have been a case of good old fashioned showing off, but if there’s anything we enjoy more than cocktails and chocolate, it’s chocolate cocktails, so this mudshake really hit the spot with all the ladies.

Once our hosts had decided we’d all had our fill of spicy chilli shots, our head organiser took the final challenge in hand – knocking shots of vodka into glasses using only her tongue! It was quite a feat, which resulted in a pretty row of fruity and colourful ‘flavour-bombs’ to drink together as a group.

After a couple of generous and delicious platters of tasty treats afterwards, we thanked our gallant hosts and headed out on our way, tottering slightly but in high spirits and with the hope that we’d be invited back sometime very, very soon!

If you fancy a cocktail making hen party, give us a call on 01225 474200.

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