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How To Find Your Wedding Dress

August 25, 2015

The do’s and don’ts for finding the perfect dress for your big day.

When it comes to planning the big day there is little that gets quite as much scrutiny as picking THAT dress. For many brides their dress is the make or break feature of their wedding. BBC’s Don’t Tell the Bride shows just how devastating the wrong choice of dress can be. As well as that, it’s the one thing all the guests will be looking forward to seeing.

But just how does a bride-to-be find the right dress? GoHen spoke to renowned wedding dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha about finding the perfect wedding dress.

What are the wedding dress trends for 2016?

Brides are becoming more and more adventurous when looking for their perfect wedding dress. So many brides are stepping away from traditional, status quo gowns and reaching for more unique designs with their own little twists! Expect a lot of contemporary separates, romantic lace, exquisite 3D embellishment, long sleeves, backless designs and layers of dreamy tulle!

How much should a bride budget for her dress?

As a bride, you should find a balance between what you are comfortable to spend and what prices are available in the market. You can find wedding dresses ranging from £1000, designer gowns from £1500 while couture or bespoke gowns start from around £2000. If you are looking for bargain then you can opt for a wedding dress sample sale where you can find up to 70% off beautiful designer gowns.

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© Real bride-Ellene, Photo credit: Lizelle Lotter

Is there a way for brides to determine the best style of dress to suit their body shape?

It’s important that the wedding dress is extremely flattering to the bride’s body shape as well as complimenting her personality. To create equilibrium between beauty & practicality, the key is the understanding of your own body shape and finding out what doesn’t work for you first by trying different silhouettes, then focusing on trying the designs that highlights your best assets.

Any simple but effective dress tips/cheats?

If you start admiring and falling in love with your own image in the mirror when you are in the dress… that’s the biggest hint that you have found THE DRESS. If you feel stunning, you will look stunning!

Are there different styles of dress more suited for different seasons?

A wedding dress should be timeless not seasonal.

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© Real bride-Ellene, Photo credit: Lizelle Lotter

How can a bride achieve a vintage look with a new dress?

By choosing the right cut, right make-up and even the hairstyle plays a big role.

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To veil or not to veil that is the question?

This is a very personal choice for brides depending on how they want to complete their look. For an elegant and understated look, a one tier long veil is getting very popular with modern classic brides whereas for brides who don’t want to go the traditional path, bridal hats are becoming more popular wedding statements nowadays.

What are your top tips for choosing a dress/designer?

Researching online before booking an appointment saves lot of time. Check if the designer or bridal boutique have the style/look that you after and what kind of services and prices they offer.

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© Photo credit: Lucy Davenport

What are the most common dress mistakes?

Trying on too many wedding dresses, bringing too many people along when shopping for wedding dresses, buying a dress to please someone else, and trying to drop two sizes before your final fitting… Are a few things that should be avoided.

Do you have any general tips to help brides on the big day?

Having a ‘Wedding Day Emergency Kit’ is the best idea, this could include back-up make-up bag for touch ups, travel size sewing kit, throat lozenges, breath mints, tampons, hand cream, and Band-Aids and aspirin.

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© Real bride-Sarah, Photo credit: Doreen Kilfeather

What is the one thing you’ve seen at a wedding that has really struck you as a great idea?

DIY weddings using eye-catching upcycling. Giving new life to your old things is a great way to add extra special element to your wedding decor. One of the coolest ideas we saw was an old massive wooden door entrance used in our real bride Ellene’s wedding.

You can see more of Sanyukta Shrestha’s wonderful creations at

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