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A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner

March 16, 2016
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The Evening

Jane’s day…

6.00PM: Whilst guests are enjoying their meal, we oversee each course being sent out and then get the gifts ready for the speeches. We meet the band or DJ who arrives to set up for the evening party and finalise the last minute requirements for the evening.

7.00PM: Meet and greet the evening guests with a welcome drink and make sure the band are ready to perform the first dance and commence the party.

Wedding Planning Tip #5 – Aimee Dunne

Think about your guests

Couples often focus on what they like and what they dream of for their wedding day. Of course they are the most important people on the day (of course!) but don’t forget you are also inviting your guests for a day out. Your guests are your guests.

Emily’s day…

7.00PM: Checking with the band that they are fed, prepared, got everything they need. Confirming that their set times and break times are still in line with the timeline for the day and making necessary adjustments if any timings have slipped. Then, I’ll make sure the room is set and ready for the music to begin before sorting out the cake cutting with the catering team, photographer, ushers (or master of ceremony) as well as the bride and groom so everyone is ready and in the right place at the right time.


8.00PM: Priming the bride and groom so they are ready for their first dance, liaising with the photographer so he is ready to take those (all-important) shots. Making sure the ushers (or MOC) is ready to make the right announcement at the right time! Checking the band is ready with the correct song to begin for the first dance. Check timings are going to plan and if not liaising with the catering team and band to make any required changes.

Wedding Planning Tip #6 – Jane Riddell

Food for thought

Ask your wedding planner to save you a plate of canapés, you’ll no doubt be swept off to have photos taken as soon as you leave the ceremony so make sure you get a few of the nibbles you have invested so much time and thought into.

9.00PM: Usually around now the band would take their first break of the evening, so I’ll make sure there is still some background music playing to keep the party atmosphere. I’ll work with the catering team to make sure the evening food is ready to go out on time, making any necessary adjustments to the room layout/furniture layout to accommodate the evening food.

I’d then make sure the cake is cut and laid out for guests to nibble at. This is possibly when the photographer will leave for the day so I would make sure they had all the required shots and thank them for their time and efforts during the day.

Wedding Planning Tip #7 – Weddings by Annabel

Cutting it fine

Use the cutting of the cake. If you are doing this, get people standing up before going straight into the first dance. This means you save time with two special moments in one and you save your guests effort. If the layout is considered carefully, it could flow nicely from one to another.

10.00PM: Thinking about winding down now and making sure that the remaining suppliers on site are ok. Checking with the caterers that they are clearing away the evening food and starting to do their final tidy up of the venue.

12.00AM: Cueing the exit of the bride and groom – whether this is to a room on site or via other transport. Getting the ushers to arrange the guests ready for their send off – sometimes this can involve coordinating the hand out of sparklers for example. Before I leave for the night I make sure all the suppliers know what they need to do when they clear up. I thank them all before making sure that any wedding gifts and cards are stored somewhere safe.

Wedding Planning Tip #8 – Marie Haverly

And lastly…

Lastly here is a top tip from a recent bride of ours, she hit the nail on the head I think!

“Trust your wedding planner. Remember that your guests don’t know your choices so they won’t know if you went for the cheaper option.”

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