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Low calorie drink swaps for summer

March 24, 2014

It’s so easy to forget about those liquid calories when a second and maybe even a third glass of wine sneakily follows the first on a Saturday night out with the girls, not to mention the cheeky margarita and a G&T after work on Friday and your creamy Irish coffee on Thursday night… We all know that drinking too much is bad for both our waistlines and our health in general and with bikini season on the horizon, many of us are battling to lose a few pounds and get healthy to feel our best on the beach. Going cold turkey completely is one option but if giving up booze altogether isn’t quite your style, try out a couple of our smart drinking tips which mean that you can have a great night out with the girls and keep on track with your diet too. Trust us, this gorgeous little bunch are so good, you’ll barely notice the difference!

Fat: Margarita

Containing lashings of tequila, sour mix, triple sec, lime and sugar, a Margarita is one of the worst offenders on the cocktail menu at a jean-squeezing 550 calories – which is more than a Bag Mac. Our condolences, Margarita lovers…

Fit: A skinny Mojito

Okay, so we all know that a Mojito isn’t quite the same as a Margarita but with tequila, mint and ice, it gives that refreshing sip you crave when the weather’s warm. Ask your bartender to leave out the sugar or add a drop of honey instead, throw in some extra mint and you’ve sliced it down to a tidy 130-140 calories.


Fat: Mai Tai

Mai Tais are  ridiculously tasty but you might want to keep them as a special treat when you find out they contain 620 calories, or a double cheeseburger in other words.

Fit: Rum and lemonade

As long as you opt for the diet version, a shot of dark rum with some lemonade and perhaps a squeeze of lime should satisfy your craving for that tropical flavour. At only 130 calories, it’s a diet winner.

Fat: Long Island Iced Tea

We shouldn’t really be too surprised that this heavily boozy drink is high in calories – a massive 543 to be exact! Ditch the love handles and the hangover and swap it out for our light option.

Fit: Spirit and mixer

Long Islands are always a little heavy and you really don’t need all those spirits for the taste. Try vodka, gin or tequila topped up with diet coke and a generous squeeze of lime to simulate the cola-based drink with a sour twist. Much fresher and healthier at 130 calories and you’re far less likely to end up writing off the next day…

Fat: Piña Colada

It’s everybody’s holiday drink of choice but when you’re preparing to squeeze into your bikini, you might want to give it a miss. Piña Coladas clock in at an eye-watering 586 calories, which is more than a medium pepperoni pizza…

Fit: Piña Colada Cooler

Skip the heavy coconut milk and excessive alcohol and instead mix a shot of coconut flavoured rum with a little pineapple juice, plenty of sparkling water and a dash of low fat coconut cream if you can find it. It’s only 165 calories a glass and you’ll barely notice the difference!

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Fat: Beer

If you’re the kind of girl who likes a couple of ice cold pints on a hot day, or any day come to think of it, beware of the hidden calories – how else do you think those old boys in the pub grew their beer bellies, ladies? The guy on the Stella advert might look swish but at 247 calories per pint, we’re guessing he only drinks it on high days and holidays.

Fit: Fine and Shandy

Pouring out half a pint of light beer and then topping it up with diet lemonade is sweet, refreshing and delicious and as well as helping you cut down on units consumed, comes in at a teeny weeny 60 calories.

Fat: White Russian

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that creamy White Russians aren’t exactly a diet aid. This drink contains half a cup of cream but also low cal vodka and coffee liquor, meaning that at 254 calories, it’s not great but actually comes out similar to a pint of beer.

Fit: Light Russian

If you’re having a few friends to visit for a barbeque or party, try mixing skimmed milk, a little low fat coffee creamer, instant coffee and a shot of vodka for an authentic taste which comes out at only 160 calories.

Fat: Wine

Most of us are partial to the odd sip of wine or two and if you stick to just that, a sip, it’s not the worst thing to consume when you’re dieting at all. However, we all know that a small glass often turns into a large glass (195 calories – a slice of sponge cake) which every once in a while turns into a whole bottle, or 600 calories in other words. Oo-er…

Fit: Puttin’ on the spritz

Yes, asking for a white wine spritzer at the pub does sound a little lame but fight the embarrassment and your bikini body will thank you. Enjoy a small glass of white with diet lemonade or even soda water if you’re feeling extra hardcore and cut those calories right back to 50 or so. Your drinks will last loads longer and with a calorie count that tiny, you can even treat yourself to two!

Fat: Frozen Daiquiri

At 196 calories, Daiquiris aren’t the absolute worst boozy offenders but not something you’d want to go crazy on when you’ve a bikini in mind. Plus, I think we all know just how swiftly these fruity treats go down…

Fit: Daiquiri mocktail  

Why not leave the booze out altogether for this one? Try our low cal frozen strawberry lemonade which is packed with healthy fruit and great for kids too. Blend diet lemonade together with frozen strawberries, frozen banana, coconut water, ice cubes and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

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