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24 Simple DIY eBay Wedding Ideas

September 7, 2016

Tying the knot is without doubt one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do; flowers, venue, food, gifts, DJ, dress, shoes, cars, etc, etc, etc… The list can be endless, but that doesn’t mean you need to have bottomless pockets or a huge budget.

The price of a wedding can cost more than Elton John’s shoe collection if you’re not careful. But canny planning and creativity means there are real wedding bargains to be had… On eBay. The online auction site is brim-full of new, used and vintage items that can be turned into fabulous design features and real talking points to add some unique touches to your big day.


There is just something so quintessentially British about bunting. It speaks of village fairs, hot summers and happy occasions. And eBay is chock full of it. Much of it made by small independent makers.


If the groom is going to be wearing cufflinks for his suit then eBay can be a great hunting ground for classic and vintage cufflinks. There are real bargains to be had for guys who love a touch of vintage cool.


Gift Bags

Hessian bags are a wonderfully rustic way to present gifts or wedding favours and they are really budget friendly.

Potted Plants

Wedding Flowers can be so expensive! Plus at the end of the day when the party’s over so are the flowers (very few guests will take them home). eBay has hundreds of keen local gardeners with plants for sale. Set in attractive pots (more great eBay hunting) and not only will you get much cheaper centrepieces but you also have wedding gifts for people on the day.

Christmas/Fairy Lights

Lighting can totally transform any venue. If you’re holding your reception in an older building then a few well-placed wedding lights can both totally change the ambience and help hide any old wrinkles that reveals the venues age.

Tip #1

If you have your eye on something hold your nerve and don’t panic when bidding, if you don’t win an item in an auction you’ll soon find something else. Remember, the name of the game is saving money.

Vintage Décor

Old post boxes, suitcases, ladders, even bicycle wheels and jam jars, there is quite simply no end to the quirky and artistic finishing touches you can bring to any venue. Find vintage decorations on eBay here.

post box

Confetti Cones

This are brilliant ideas and so easy to make. To create the cone all you need is some decorating card or even old wallpaper (wall paper samples are just as good).

Presentation Boxes

We’ve seen brilliant gift boxes made from all sorts, old crates, desk drawers, vintage boxes, wicker baskets, add a little straw and some cellophane and you have a wonderful way to present any thank you gift.

Mismatched China

We can’t believe people actually still have matching china (or that could be mostly due to our bucket fingers and ever dwindling dinner sets) but eBay and in particular car boot fairs can be a great source of mismatched china and cutlery. Filter your search settings to a smaller area and then look for those little bits and pieces no one else is bidding on.

wedding china

Tip #2

Items for sale that are ‘Collection in person only’ have significantly fewer watchers and bidders with mean even bigger bargains.

Bubble Machines

Yep, totally mad, but set a bubble machine in the garden of your venue and any younger guests will be delighted. eBay is so eclectic you can even find second hand bubble machines which could go down as your weirdest eBay purchase ever!

Table Plan Frame

One of our favourite ever eBay design bargains. An old picture frame, some sting, card and hessian sacking and you have a wonderful table plan display board. After the wedding it becomes a memo board and nice reminder of your perfect day.

Wedding Favours

eBay can be a good hunting ground for wedding favours. Switch setting again and this time search for ‘job lots’. You’ll be amazed what you can find.
Alternatively, small jam jars, a few sweets, a little material and a ribbon and voila!

wedding favours

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Suggestion Boxes

Keep your guests amused by adding suggestion boxes (made using jam jars and lolly pop sticks) to the table with pre-printed cards asking people for suggestions of ideas for after you’re married.
“Our first date should be…”
“We should name our first child…?”
“Never go to bed…”
“Best tip for a happy life is…”
“The husband should always…”
“The wife should always…”

DIY Alco-lollies

A few kids lolly trays, some lolly sticks, lemonade and alcohol and you can create your own alco-lollies. If you’re feeling really fruity you could even create fruit punch or cocktail icepops.

Tip #3

Weddings can be really long days for kids so have some crayons, paper, bubbles and fun stuff to help keep your younger guests entertained.

Table Numbers

Give your table the wooden spoon. Just like your favourite country pub wooden spoons add more rustic/country/vintage charge to your seating layout. Find the perfect table numbers on eBay.

Post Box

Old vintage post boxes can get pretty pricey (although they do look gorgeous). Old suitcases, wooden crates, picnic baskets, these can all make a great post box for people to leave their wedding cards.

Place Name Cards

So easy, so stylish. Get some old champagne corks (easy eBay finds), cut a slit in the top and then print out photos of each guest to guide them to their seat for dinner. You’ll definitely get people talking.

place cards


Wooden pallets can be brilliant. You can make rustic looking boxes/crates, cut them down to make signs to line the route between the church and reception, they are just so versatile and there are lots of people on eBay giving them away for free simply to get rid of them. That’s a bargain!

Tip #4

Get added inspiration from social media sites such as Pinterest then look for ways to recreate the best without blowing the budget.

Bird Cages

Filled with flowers they can make wonderful centrepieces or even hanging from the wall or in the garden.

Floating Candles

Like moths to a flame we’re always drawn to candles. Here’s something a little different though. It’s those trusty jam jars again, this time add a few stones (fish tank style pebbles work), tie a ribbon or even straw around the top, fill with water, pop in a floating candle. Beautiful.

Photobooth Props

We do love a good photobooth, they can be quite expensive to hire though so why not make your own. With a little material, some discarded wood (search people’s sheds or even have a word with your local refuse site. Then hit eBay and your local car boot fair for props, wigs, hats, costumes. Then ask people to use their phones and cameras and text/email you the results or supply a polaroid camera.


Paper Lanterns

Another easy and cheap eBay find. Get as many as you can, different shapes and sizes and you can create some wonderfully unique lighting.

Flip Flops

Another steal you can find when searching for ‘job lots’. Place flip flops of different sizes in baskets for your female guests so they can slip our of their heels and carry on dancing.

Garden Games

There can be an awful lot of hanging around at weddings. Keep people entertained with garden games, but don’t buy new, bag a digital bargain.

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