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15 Easy DIY Wedding Hacks

September 23, 2015

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings have become expensive. While some are happy to keep up with the Mr & Mrs Joneses, canny couples are going DIY to save the budget.

With a little forward thinking, a touch of crafty creativity and plenty of fun to be had, you can create something truly unique without having to take out a second mortgage for the wedding cake of your dreams.

We asked some wedding industry experts for their top money saving DIY wedding hacks.

Table Decorations –

Save those jars. Upcycling jam jars is not just a nice way to save a few pennies, it’s also great for the environment. Wash the jars and then add ribbons, lace and a tea candle for a gorgeous retro looking table decoration.

Alternatively use twine, ribbon, buttons, hessian clothe and fill them with wild flowers for cute table centre pieces.

Wedding hack from

Mini Brown Bottle Favours –

If you’re adding a little boho glam to your wedding, why not create small wedding favours/thank yous that your guests can take home and keep. Using mini brown vintage bottles, small labels and a little bit of help from Mother Nature you can create something fantastically individual and memorable.

See how at

brown bottle

Memory Quilt – Pearls & Peonies

Have a basket full of fabric squares (whether it be floral, solid colours, etc) all cut to the same size and fabric markers. As your guests come into reception have them leave a message on the square and their name. After the wedding you can use all the squares to create a fabulous quilt.

Wedding hack from Pearls&

Dinner Service – Brighton Wedding Planner

Instead of collecting vases, tea lights, crockery, etc of your own, hire them from your florist or caterer. It’s much cheaper and lots of companies now stock vintage/ unusual pieces. Plus it’s less hassle for the bride and groom to set up at the beginning of the evening or clear up at the end.

Give Yourself Time – A Very Curious Wedding

Allow yourself more time than you think you’ll need for DIY wedding ideas. Some DIY’s take longer than anticipated, so add some time padding.

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Face Decorations –

Decorating the venue is one thing but how about decorating your guests? A few comedy props will soon have everyone snapping away on their phones making for great talking points and great phone. “Say cheese!”

Get more ideas from


Cupcake Favours –

Another great way to save money yet show your guests how much you appreciate them coming is to make cupcakes for wedding favours that can be placed at the centre of each table. Add little ribbons or tags stating “Made with love” and the date. Shared with a cup of tea the next day, a cupcake could be the perfect sugary treat to help nurse any hangovers.

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DIY Army – Secret Wedding Blog

Get your friends around for a DIY wedding evening. Make it fun so you all enjoy it & get creative together. You could find some real crafty geniuses who can help pitch in ideas and teach everyone how it’s done. You’ll hopefully get some great DIY wedding pieces and everyone gets to learn new skills. Win/win!

Wedding hack from

Cake Savings – Wedding Lovely

Go small with the cakes to save money but give them extra-wow with layers of fresh flowers. The rest of the cake can be a sheet cake!

UK wedding cake makers

Catering Vans

There are some great trendy and funky catering vans available that can be a really cost effective alternative to traditionally expensive wedding catering. From street food to hog roasts, mobile pizza ovens to French crepes, it adds a talking point and a little retro style to vintage themed weddings.

Find wedding catering vans here…


Fishing Wire Tip – Juno & Joy

Fishing wire! Strong enough to hold up/suspend practically any wedding décor while remaining virtually invisible to the naked eye. It really is fantastically useful and certainly something to make sure you have in your box of decorating tools for while dressing the venue. #smokeandmirrors

A Bit of a Pickle – Wedding favours

If you’re a bit green fingered or a bit tasty in the kitchen then put your garden to use by creating jams or pickles from scratch. Place them into recycled jam jars with fun labels (“Spread the Love”) with strips of material over the lid, ribbons and small than you cards.

Wedding Makeup Artists

Bloomin’ Wedding Favours

Another great DIY wedding favours idea but one that requires some forward thinking is saying it with flowers. Together with the groom-to-be, plant a sunflower or other seed plants the year before the big day, then once the flowers have bloomed, collect seeds and let them dry (alternatively you can just cheat and buy some seeds). Then place a handful of seeds into small glass bottles. Not only will they have a boho look but you can then ask people to help “Let the love grow” but planting the seeds in their gardens.

Wedding Photo Apps

Ditch disposable cameras and go green by replacing them with cards on the tables asking people to upload their photos to a wedding app. You can then collate the best photos for everyone to share and create your own photo montage from your favourite snaps taken on the day. It’s also much more eco-friendly than plastic disposable cameras.

Find wedding photo apps here…

UK wedding photographers


Check online auction websites for wedding items to save on buying new or renting. You might well find other brides are auctioning items such as vintage mis-matched crockery, vintage suitcases for cards/gifts, wedding bunting, etc. Always buy locally and collect in person so you can check any items out before handing over your hard saved wedding pennies. Then after the big day you can re-sell the items online. You might even make a profit!

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