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12 Best UK Fashion Apps

May 9, 2017

If shopping is something of a hobby (when the bank account allows) or you’re simply obsessed with style and fashion then here are a few apps you should never be seen without. They really do have everything you could ever want to find right at your fingertips. So if you want the look, get the app.


Organise your wardrobe and create new outfits at the touch of a button. Forget Google Maps, this is the app that will change your life. Features include Outfit counter, least/most worn, style calendar, looks, wardrobe organiser, size tracker and more.

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It’s like your very own fashion scrapbook. Collect images of ideas and ‘must haves’. It will also allow you to shop directly from the high street.



This is a fun app where fashion gets competitive. You can upload your photo and then battle other Swaag users to see who has more Swaag. Become a genuine fashion diva and champion. Because if you got it…

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It’s a way to shop on the go and one of the most comprehensive shopping sites on the interwebz putting your fingertips on high street brands and top designers even if your budget won’t let your fingertips on their designer goods it’s still nice to look.

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This gorgeous app is packed full of independent artists and creators selling their jewellery, scarves, baubles and more. Once you discover etsy there is a danger that you’ll become addicted. So many designers and simply not enough hours in the day shop.

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Sales. Perhaps one of the greatest words in the English language and this wallet friendly app helps you find the best sales and bargains to be had. As all fashion addicts know, sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it at 70% off the original price.

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The Hunt

Rather than being fuelled by the buying, this funky app is all about the hunting. Finding the best styles by connecting with other fashion fans. It’s also a great way to hunt down items you’ve seen in magazines but don’t know where to find them.

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Truly clever, this nattily dressed app lets you put together a new outfit and then lets you go online and buy the items. It really is armchair shopping for your need/want/must have outfit this summer.



This cleverly designed app allows you to wish list and bookmark all your favourite fashion finds. You can then get updates on when those items go on sale. This is surely what internet technology was invented for!

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It’s not just rusty bikes and old records. Shpock is a cool hunting ground for fashionistas. Whether it’s the new trends or vintage gems you can buy from local people so no extra postage costs if you shop clever.

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Like fashion binoculars, these party peepers will help you spot any item of clothing you like the look of and tell you where to find it. Simply take a photo of the jeans walking down the street in front of you (surreptitiously, you’re not a weirdo) and the app will tell you where to find them.



Ever been frustrated on holiday because you don’t know what size you should be looking for? Well don’t be stranger in a strange land, LazyClothes will give you the correct size in pretty much every country so you can go large, medium or extra small.


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