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12 perfect St Patrick’s day cocktails

February 26, 2014

A lot of countries like a drink or two, but Ireland takes things to the next level – when they’ve worked out the way to pour the perfect Guinness down to a fraction of a second, you know they take their drinking seriously. We don’t know if it’s this dedication to the art of a good pint, the super friendly locals or the fact that we’ve usually chugged a bit of the black stuff ourselves by this point but the Irish always strike us as one of the best countries in the world for an evening enjoyed with a drink in one hand and a bit of banter with the girls!

Guinness is a drink that really needs no introduction. It may have started in Dublin and be an integral part of the Irish diet (we’ve heard them claim that they’re weaned on the stuff) but its fame has spread far and wide. 55 countries across the world hold up a glass in Arthur Guinness’ honour on Arthur Day and we defy you to think of any other drink that’s inspired such devotion.

However, a girl cannot live on pints alone. Partly because it’s actually a relatively low-calorie stout (relatively!) and partly because there are so many other fantastic drinks to try. With St Patrick’s Day rapidly approaching (March 17th), we’ve put together a list of our favourite Ireland themed cocktails, so you’ll be able to sample all the flavours of Ireland in a few new and interesting ways.

St. Patricks day cocktail infographic

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