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11 St Patrick’s Day Cocktails

March 10, 2017

At GoHen we love St Patrick’s Day, ok, hands up, we love any day that has a party attached. Add some cocktails, leprechaun’s and men talking in gorgeous Irish accents (sigh) and we’re there!

If you’re planning a St Paddy’s Day shindig then here are some fab cocktails to get you River dancing like Michael Flatley.

Please note; ‘pt’ or ‘pts’ means ‘parts’ and not pints.

Baby Guinness

• 3 pts Tia Maria
• 1 pt Bailey’s Irish Cream

Pour the Tia Maria into a shot glass, now comes the delicate bit. Slowly pour the Bailey’s off the back of a teaspoon so it gently layers on top of the Tia Maria so it looks like a mini Guinness.

Black Velvet

• 1 pt Guinness
• 1 pt Champagne

Pour into a champagne flute and serve while river dancing.

Irish Catholic

• 1 pt Bailey’s
• 1 pt Sambuca

Pour both measures over ice, drink while listening to The Corrs.

Depth Charge

• 1 pint of Guinness
• 1 shot of Drambuie

Drop a shot glass of Drambuie into the Guinness. Let it sink and then sup!

Guinness & Black

• 6 pts Guinness
• 1 pt Ribena

It’s just like mixing a regular glass of Ribena but substitute water for Guinness. You can moderate the amount of Ribena to suit your taste.

Irish Slop Tray

• 1 pt gin
• 1 pt rum
• 1 pt vodka
• 1 pt peach schnapps
• 1 pt triple sec
• 1 can of Red Bull

Pour all the spirits in to a glass full of ice. Add the Red Bull which will then turn the rest of the drink green. To be sure.

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Irish Submarine

• 1 pt Bailey’s
• 1 pt beer

Pour the Bailey’s into a shot glass and then layer the beer on top using the back of a teaspoon to create two separate layers. Down the hatch!

Slippery Nipple

• 1 pt Bailey’s
• 1 pt butterscotch schnapps

Pour the Bailey’s into a shot glass and then layer the schnapps on top using the back of a teaspoon. Slainte!

Flaming Coconut

• 2 pts Irish whiskey
• 1 pt black vodka
• 3 pts ginger ale
• 2 pts coconut cream

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add crushed ice, shake and serve. Please note, there’s no need to actually set light to anything. No matter how many Black Velvets you’ve had.

Guinness Lover

• 3 pts Guinness
• 2 pts Guinness
• 1 pt Guinness

According to our Irish friends the very best Guinness cocktail is Guinness with a shot of Guinness “It’s Guinness you heathen, it’s perfect as it is, don’t mix it with anything!”

St Paddy’s Cocktail

• 2 pts Irish Whiskey
• 1 pt sweet vermouth
• 5 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake, strain the drink into a chilled glass.
Please remember to always drink responsibly… Use coasters and supply nibbles.

Irish Cocktails

1. Baby Guinness
2. Irish Catholic
3. Depth Charge
4. Black Velvet
5. Irish Slop Tray
6. Guinness & Black
7. Irish Submarine
8. Slippery Nipple
9. Flaming Coconut
10. Guinness Lover
11. St Paddy’s Cocktail

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