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10 Tough Girl Weekends

August 26, 2014
Tough girls

Hen parties are the perfect opportunity to get out there and try something different that’s completely removed from the daily 9 – 5. While some girls might view a weekend away as a time to relax and be pampered, others see it as a great opportunity to exercise a bit of girl power and… how can we put this delicately… “Kick ass!”

At GoHen we’re firm believers that there is a little G.I. Jane inside all of us and we see first hand just how much some hen parties like to tackle a challenge head on so here’s a walk on the wild side and a look at some great tough girl challenges.
high ropes

High Ropes

Creating the highest of natural highs, high ropes courses are a fantastic way to really push yourself to the max. Until now it’s been noisy boys wishing to prove their alpha male status amongst their peer group who have been the first to ape around. But now more and more hens are showing the lads how it should be done by using proper teamwork for a fantastically thrilling day out.

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Go Karting

All revved up with nowhere to go? Hen parties are increasingly taking to four wheels to burn rubber and vent traffic jam frustrations. Fast, fun and utterly gripping there’s no room for high heels when it’s time to put your foot down but zipping round the track on one of these neat little machines is a real buzz. You can line up a ladies only session to ensure you and the girls have the track entirely to yourselves.

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water rafting

White Water Rafting

For white knuckle rides, white water rafting is hard to beat. You and the girls will need to really work in unison to make sure you’re all pulling in the same direction (preferably at the same time) on what is a huge adrenalin rush. There are white water sites across the UK with professional instructors and all the safety kit to ensure you can dip your toes into this exciting adrenalin sport and ensure you don’t end up a certain creek without a paddle.

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inflatable games

Inflatable Games

Have you ever looked at those TV shows where contestants take on massive inflatable obstacles and thought “I coud do better than that”? Well many hens are getting their game faces on (like their normal faces but with waterproof mascara) and giving it their all-some. Weird, crazy, utterly hilarious, using the real props from the huge BBC show “It’s a Knockout” this is a retro TV challenge perfect for girls that consider laughter the perfect soundtrack to a great weekend.

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tank battles

Tank Battles

Hens are now venting their road rage and early morning commuter frustrations by taking them into battle. Don’t panic though, no one’s firing live ammo at the bride-to-be, however they are driving fully armoured FV432 tanks (no, we didn’t know what that was either but they are bloomin’ big!) and taking aim with 40mm paintball guns. It’s like the angriest decorating imaginable where you actually get to fire paint from a tank!!!

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mud buggies

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Mud Buggies

Way more fun than your average mud bath, intrepid hens that consider go karting “too easy” are now heading out in search of bigger, better and much, much wetter driving challenges. Mud buggies, they are exactly as described, buggies that drive, swerve and squelch through boggy terrain over a course which takes in dry straights and welcome gravel, then cuts rough through some pretty wet stuff. This certainly isn’t a challenge for any girls that don’t like to get their manicured nails dirty but full throttle fun for the rest of us.

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somerset challenge

Somerset Challenge

Ok, hands up, at GoHen we LOVE our Somerset Challenge and judging by how many girls have tackled it so do our hens. Completely mad, utterly hilarious and the perfect challenge for hens who don’t take exercise too seriously. Imagine The Wurzels took charge of the Olympics and added extra cider. It’s just like that, only crazier!

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Glamping & Sea Kayaking

Now while hens like getting active, for some “roughing it” simply isn’t an option. That’s why glamping is ideal for hens who like their adventure with a little sophistication. Add a spot of sea kayaking and you have a great combination mixing girl power with glamour that even Posh Spice in her heyday would have poutily approved of.

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Newquay beach boys? Yum. But when not watching the tanned locals “hanging 10” sisters are doing it for themselves. Surfing has seen a tidal rise in popularity among hen parties over recent years. Combining the great outdoors, sandy beaches and a few hunky instructors. It’s everything an energetic hen party could want to fill a day with some daring do and a drop of eye candy.

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Certainly not for the fainthearted. Coasteering involves getting from one point of coastal headland to another… the hard way. Climbing, scrambling, swimming and leaping off the cliffs are all part of an adrenalin soaked challenge for seaside loving hens. This is a full on activity for serious thrill seekers who want something to test and entertain the whole group. Teamwork is really important to overcome all the challenges in a day that will leave you all feeling like champions.

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