Gladiator Games in Liverpool

What's Included
  • Togas
  • 8 gladiator contests
  • Roman amphitheatre
  • Hilarious sporting contests
  • 6 Instagramable selfie stations
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Key Details

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Group Size Minimum of 6 hens
  • Availability All year round
  • Equipment Togas provided
  • Dress Code Sportswear

  • Split into teams
  • Exchange pre-match pleasantries/trash talk
  • Get changed into your togas and prepare to do battle!
  • There are eight completely bonkers challenges
  • You'll compete in team and individual tests
  • One team will be declared winners
  • The losers will be fed to the lions
  • There are 6 selfie stations to get photos of the day's best bits
  • After the action, you can head to the bar for a victory drink!
  • Upgrade your package**

The year is 43 AD, and while us Britain's have been busy squabbling with each other, the Roman's have landed up onto our shores and declared themselves in charge.

Seeing as you're a bunch of revolting peasants, you've been captured by the Roman's (we don't mean you smell bad, we mean you were starting a revolution). Your only hope of escape is to become gladiator maidens and fight your way to freedom. One team will emerge victoriously, unfortunately, the rest of you will be fed to the lions (sorry, we don't make the rules…).

You'll be given togas to wear and then split into teams. For added laughs, there are six Instagram stations around the site where you can get photos of the day's best moments. After the final game has ended and the dust has settled you can head to the site's bar to retell tales of the battle over a well-earned drink.

Events you'll face may include*;

Roman Wrestling - In Roman times competitors would cover themselves in oil and wrestle virtually naked. That's perhaps a bit much so instead we'll give you giant inflatable Roman costumes and a pit to push each other out of.

Sack Race - Well it ain't rocket Roman science, it's racing, in sacks, innit!

Bash - Gladiators sit astride a huge balance beam, armed with giant grain sacks to knock their opponent off. 'ave it!

Blindfold Boxing - As you won't be able to actually see your opponent, we've compensated by giving you GIANT boxing gloves. Totally bonkers but very funny.

Joust - Two gladiators balance on podiums armed with battering rams. The first player to knock their opponent off is the winner.

Tug of War - Classic team event where technique, togetherness and timing will achieve far more than brute strength.

Dung Manager - It's a valuable Roman fuel and the gladiators that collect the most poo will be lavishly rewarded with team points.

*Events may vary on the day owning to weather and group numbers.

**If you'd like to upgrade your package to include cocktail mixing, life drawing, or rum tasting, just let us know!

Activity footage may vary depending on location.

"Would highly recommend!"

"Had an amazing time at gladiator games, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend!"

Samantha Flint | Liverpool

"Hosts were fantastic. We had so much fun, it was great thank you"

Katy Dooley | Liverpool

"Had a fabulous weekend! Easy to book and easy for everyone to get online and pay. Everything was done for us! Would definitely book again!"

York Hen Weekend
5/5 stars

We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe so prices, availability, photos and specifics on our gladiator games activity may vary depending on your preferred location and dates.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

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