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Every good hen weekend deserves a good hen hotel – that's just a given. Deciding exactly where that good Llangollen hen hotel is exactly is the difficult. On one hand, it isn't a major tourist destination, so there aren't millions of different options around the town – useful for narrowing down the choices, true, but raising your chances of getting stuck with a duffer. And, while there aren't exactly hoards of tourists descending on Llangollen every summer, it can get a lot busier than you might expect – the International Music Festival in Llangollen attracts a crowd of more than 50,000 people – more than 16 times its normal population, so space fills up very, very fast. On a less incredible note, if you're a little further out of town, the public transport system isn't exactly stellar – or existent. Pick the wrong spot, and you're facing a long walk to the local, let alone any of the busier central bars.

How can GoHen help?

How can't we? At GoHen, we're able to make absolutely every stage of the weekend easier, from the moment you start looking at Llangollen hen accommodation to during the event itself when we offer full 24 hour support. Our reviews tell us again and again – we make your weekend easier and better, so all you have to worry about is having a fantastic time.

We're simple…
… and we make your life simpler too. Normally, booking accommodation for a large group of girls means that you've got to track them all down and demand large sums of money off them before you can pay for (and book) the hotel. No easy task if you don't know the all the girls that well, or they're a little flaky, or pay day is far, far away. With us, each of the girls can pay her amount separately, meaning you're not going to have to go all loan shark on any of the ladies, and everyone can be responsible for their own finances.

We're flexible…
… and we're willing to let you be too. We don't require final confirmations until 6 weeks before the event. Until that point, plans and numbers can still be amended and changed, and all we need is an approximate amount of guests. This means that in the event one of the girls dropping out/ not being able to afford it/ falling out with the bride, we'll be able to change things around and not cost you any money.

We're safe…
…and so your money is too. We have full ABTA bonding, (and were one of the first in our field to do so), giving you full coverage and protection in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong.

We're cheap…
…er for you. We've been sending hens all over the country for quite some time, giving us strong professional relationships with both chain hotels AND local businesses. This means that we're able to negotiate great deals and rates with hotels – and because we're nice, we pass those savings on to you.

Anything else?

Yes. As we've said, Llangollen isn't the biggest party city, and sometimes the hoteliers can be a little reluctant to take on large groups of girls… especially large groups. Thanks to those longstanding relationships, we've built up mutual trust with the hotels and B&B's we use in the area – we trust them to take good care of you, and they trust us to send them lovely groups of ladies just looking for a fantastic send off for their best friend. Since the hotels are willing to work with us, they're willing to take you – opening up far more opportunities for your Llangollen hen accommodation.

For more general notes on hen weekend hotel and accommodation reservations see here.

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