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Gothenburg hen accommodation

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Where you and the girls decide to rest your weary heads at the end of the night (or beginning of the morning) is unlikely to be the highlight of your weekend – especially in Gothenburg, when there are so many more interesting things to do than sleep. However, no matter how much time you plan to spend experiencing the city rather than snuggled up in bed, you still need to think carefully about finding the best possible accommodation for you and the girls– it might not be the best part, but it can certainly ruin the rest of the hen do for you if you don’t chose your Gothenburg hen hotel carefully. The girls will certainly notice – and hate it – if you end up somewhere miles from any of the bars and clubs, or in a generally run-down hovel, and it will have a negative affect on your weekend.

Gothenburg isn’t traditionally a huge tourist destination either, so it’s not filled with thousands of hotels. The regeneration of the city, and the rapid rise in the arts and culture there, mean that it’s on the up though – and people are flocking in to Gothenburg faster than hotels can be built. If you want to be sure of getting a large group of girls in to one of the highest quality and value hotels in Gothenburg, book with GoHen! We’ve been sending hen parties all over the world for 12 years, meaning we’ve got excellent working relationships with both chain hotels and private owners – and so we know the hoteliers that are always happy and willing to take on hen parties.

It’s expensive to stay in Sweden though, right?

Well, ish – Sweden is an expensive country, but Gothenburg isn’t the most expensive of the cities. We understand that you might be working on a tight budget though, and we can help you cut the accommodation costs. Our longstanding relationships mean that we can also find Gothenburg hen accommodation for cheaper than other hen party operators – and cheaper than you’ll be able to do yourself. Having worked with them so long, and sending out as many hen parties as we do, we have a bit more weight at the negotiation table, and can find you deals and discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Also, GoHen is fully ABTA bonded – and we were one of the first in our field to become so. That means we follow strict financial guidelines, including ones that protect you and your money, and give you full cover and support. We strive to give all customers the best and most professional service possible, but if we should fail then you still have ABTA looking after you and providing insurance to make sure you don’t lose out. Essentially, that means that if you do decide to trust us with your money, you know it’s completely safe, on the off chance that anything does go wrong.

How else can GoHen help?

Saving you money, protecting your finances and finding you space wasn’t enough? Ok. Well, we can also find you the best areas to stay in for what you want. In case it wasn’t clear, we really know the hotels well – and we also know the nightlife in Gothenburg, and the activities on offer, and all of the best tourist bits. After all, with 12 years practice we’ve gotten very, very good at identifying exactly what a hen party wants and needs… and we can match that up with our on-the-ground knowledge of Gothenburg. That means once you’ve filled us in with exactly what it is you want out of your Gothenburg days and nights – and your budget too – we can match you up with the most suitable of our Gothenburg hen hotels, and ensure that you’re in the location that best fits with what you and the girls are hoping for out of your Gothenburg hen accommodation.


And? And, once we’ve found you spaces in the best accommodation at the best value in the best areas – we also make the actual booking totally easy. Our system means that all of the girls can pay for themselves directly – it sounds like a small thing, but saves the you spending hours chasing up all the brides nearest and dearest and demanding money from them, transferring it all in to your own bank account, and having to make a lump payment to a company. This way, the girls will all be responsible for their own finances… meaning you can spend all your time worrying about the thousands of other things to organise instead.

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